Absolutely Love

November 11, 2021

I absolutely love the story behind each kantha blanket: hardship finding hope and purpose in creating something new.

There are just so many symbols in each blanket. The little patches as a picture of where our weak places can be made stronger. The blend of cast-off saris creating a gorgeous new creation. The stories of the craftswomen themselves and all they have endured.

I discovered the work of Basha Boutique many years ago and purchased through another seller as a gift for loved ones in times of sadness and adversity as a way to send a hug and message of hope for a beautiful future. The seller I used to shop from closed their doors awhile back but directed clients to Dignify.

I have many friends currently walking through tough times right now and I have been walking through a tough year myself. My mom got me a kantha of my very own to comfort me in the difficult days post-chemo. Likewise I have enjoyed sending these to friends who are struggling in one way or another now as well. I have been blown away by the gorgeous selection of kantha blankets on your website. I'm partial to the silk blend myself as they just look sooo special.

Your shipping is FAST, and the little wrapping and packing details and cards give me confidence in saving money by having you ship right to my intended recipient. I've been able to track each delivery through the USPS so that right before it arrives, I can email or text my friend with a quick explanation of the gift they are about to open. Thank you for being part of this story of resilience and hope for so many.

Good luck and God Bless

November 06, 2021

I am so glad to see you're making new things. I have bought your throws for my family and they all loved them. I have one that stays on the foot of my bed that I use to take a nap. Now your new venture into rugs is great and I hope you have great success with them. Good luck and God Bless.

— Joan

I Can't Think of A Better Gift

October 20, 2021

Thanks for reaching out. Your personal touch is one of the many things that makes your business so special.

Of the blankets I've ordered from you, most have been given away. My parents used them in their care homes. My father just loved his and said it brought him peace. A caregiver came in one time and was thrilled to see a Kantha quilt there as it reminded her of her culture.

I sent several out with a Covid Care Package last spring. Three have gone to grandchildren at their baptism, two went to high school grads this year.

The minis have been baby gifts or for young children.

I can't think of a better gift, because it gives in so many ways. Thanks for your hard work, and this lovely act of service.

Many blessings,


I got my blanket this morning! It is beautiful!!

October 18, 2021

— Brianne

So excited to give this blanket

November 07, 2020

I received the blanket that I ordered for my sister for Christmas today! I'm so excited to give it to her. She moved to another state this summer and I miss her so much. I know that she's homesick too, so I'm hoping that having this blanket to curl up under will remind her of me and my family.

— Elaine

So Special!

September 16, 2020

Hi, My order arrived and will soon be in a new bride and groom's home.  Thank you so much!!!  And thanks for the little personal note included in the package...so special! 

— Sandy

How Many is "Too Many"? ;)

April 29, 2019

Hi Shelley,
I just received my two blankets.  I LOVE them!  lol . . . how many is "too many" ?  haha
I am attracted to fabric - and these are perfect for the Xmas season with such great reds and greens.  I can put these away and bring them out to enjoy over that 3 month holiday period.  
I don't gift these blankets - except one to my daughter when she was in college. She is back home now before launching into her next phase, so I get to enjoy her's again also. I've found different ones from my collection in her room, lately. :)   I use them daily, as I always feel cold between my upper shoulder blades, and I work at a computer too much.  Needless to say, you are the only one who really understands how many I have.  haha. 
They are a treat to myself always. Hopefully you "feel" the large push of gratitude I exude to you and all the hands who have touched these lovelies to create them as well as the woman who loving wore the sari's in the first place each time that I place an another order.
HOPEFULLY you have clients who have purchased MORE than me. :)
— Debbie

Love, love, LOVE what you're doing!

April 29, 2019

— Constance

Thank you again & again!

November 05, 2018

Just got my "wreath" blanket this week, and as per usual, I'm loving it! The red is very festive and it is a welcome addition to my ever growing collection! Thank you again and again!

— Lisa

The Perfect Companion

October 20, 2018

Thank you for the quick delivery! It has been the perfect companion this morning!

— Megan

Many thanks

October 20, 2018

Many thanks for your thoughtful posts and all your compassionate work.

— Judy

Absolutely Love It

October 10, 2018

THANK YOU SO MUCH - I absolutely love this quilt and can’t wait to share about it and Dignify. 

— D

Thank you so much!

October 01, 2018

Thanks for your email and for being part of making these lovely blankets!

— Rebecca

Stolen Kantha ;)

September 26, 2018

Look who stole my first kantha. Guess I’ll have to get another!

— Gina

Your blog is great, the only one I read.

August 21, 2018

— Diane

I opened the package and gasped

July 17, 2018

Hi there!

I just wanted to say that I so enjoy reading your newsletters each Saturday morning. I am a no spam person and have essentially unsubscribed from all mailing lists. Except yours.

Also, I am a repeat customer. New kantha day is the best day. My husband and I are currently becoming recertified for foster parenting, as the youngest three of our seven children were adopted through foster care, and one of the first things I purchased was a mini kantha. Because, I mean, what else do you need?

We will be welcoming a preschool, or younger, aged little boy into our home and obviously only a kantha will do for his special blanket. We’re not sure how long each boy will stay, maybe for always or maybe a day, but you better believe they will all have a very special kantha-lovey.

And by the way, the blanket I chose is perfect. I opened the package and gasped. It’s exactly what I wanted. 

— Candi Brewster 

Kantha Arrival

April 16, 2018

My kantha arrived today under gray skies and chilly temps in anticipation of snow (It’s April, right?!)

My “silence” kantha was anything but… it was a shout of sunshine that filled my room with rays of color… thank you. 

— Birgit


March 02, 2018

I received my mini blanket today .... AWESOME! is all I can say. Your product never disappoints.

- Geri

Thank you for your longtime support, Geri! I'm delighted we have given you something to come back for again & again!

You guys are the best! Thank you!

November 19, 2017

- Barb

Oh, you. Thank you, Barb!!

Enjoying your emails

November 16, 2017

Thank you so very much for everything! I’ve really been enjoying your emails. You have an obvious gift for writing and for running your business. I love how you are using your gifts!!!

- Parla

Thank you for the kind words, Parla! We appreciate the encouragement!

Beautiful Basha Blankets!

November 14, 2017

Thank you so much for the beautiful Basha blankets!! They came much quicker than I expected, so thank you!

- Sharon

So Bright And Comforting

November 07, 2017

Hello ...AGAIN,

Well, what can I say? I have developed quite a collection of quilts in the last few months, and have loved each of them. But my latest one "Pick" is just so bright and comforting.  It looked like a black background in the photo, but it's navy and it's just so lovely! Thank you once I again for my newest addition!

- Lisa

So happy to hear your new throw is a welcomed addition to your collection! Thank you so much!

Newest Addition

November 07, 2017

Can't wait to sit in front of my crackling fireplace with my newest addition to my collection! "Fireplace holiday". I chuckled when I opened it because as I've said before, the similarity with my other blankets is quite amazing . The colours and the sunflower -ish flowers are just so lovely! Thanks so much!

Hmmm...now I'm thinking there needs to be a "sunflower " named one.

- Lisa

The sunflowers are so lovely! Always makes a good addition to any collection!! Glad you are enjoying it.

Very lovely!

October 30, 2017


Just a quick note to tell I got the blanket today! Very lovely! I appreciate your quick attention to my order! Thank you for the work you do on behalf of women.

- Deb

Love my indigo quilt!

October 28, 2017

Hi Shelley,

I ended up ordering the indigo quilt and i absolutely love it!

I get so many complements and I get to share Dignify with my friends. 

The Indigo quilt brightens my bedroom and is the perfect blanket for all seasons.

In the summer, it was the only one i used, now winter, it is perfect for snuggling up with around the house or layering on the bed. It's become my favorite blanket. 

Thank you! :)

- Michelle

Magical Blankets

October 28, 2017

I do believe that these, indeed, are "magical blankets" for the ladies making them... such simple yet hard work to bring joy to the people who are able to buy them, and such joy to the ladies in being able to make an impact on their own lives.

I only wish I could buy more....have to quit looking at the wonderful colours!  my four that I have bought make me feel like I am, in a small way, helping women make a better life for themselves.

- Dianne

The Blanket Was A Hit!!

October 14, 2017

The [mini] blanket was a hit!!!! Everyone loved it; especially the mom to be ;)

Passed your information along - hope that alright.

- Mili

Thanks, Mili! We welcome all passing along of information... ;)

Very Helpful with my Gift

October 11, 2017

Thank you so much for all the time you put into helping me.  Ill be sure to spread the word!

- Kathleen

I Couldn't Be Happier

October 03, 2017

My shipment arrived....I couldn't be happier!  The throws are packaged so nicely with the paper and string, but the throws themselves are just beautiful.

Must return to hunt down another for myself now!

- Dianne

Love hearing you were happy - from the packaging to the throws!

Absolutely Stunning

September 28, 2017

I just received my custom quilt and it definitely was worth the wait. It is absolutely stunning. The ladies that create these quilts are very talented in what they do.

Thank you,


delighted to see them

September 22, 2017

Hello! I came home for lunch to see that my package arrived and I was delighted to see that both blankets that I ordered were actually in the same package. I LOVE them both! Thank you so much.

- Pia

Fabulous! Happy to hear that!

Perfect Dimensions!

September 04, 2017

I just love my blanket! At first I thought that the blanket was too narrow, but now I feel like it's just the perfect dimensions! I use it all the time.

- Deb

Thanks for sharing, Deb! The dimensions of our throws are based on the sari cloth itself, and yes, they are a unique size, narrower than most throws. We find it's the perfect size for many, many uses, and I'm glad you've loved yours, too!


August 31, 2017

Hello my dignified friend,

Just received  my "sunburn" .......blanket!  Love it! Love it! Love it!

As I said before,  my purchases all have a common colour theme! How beauteous my collection is becoming!

Thank you for such great combinations!

Lisa - an obsessed repeat customer! 😆


We love a good kantha obsession... enjoy it, Lisa!

Perfect for Mom's 78th Birthday!

August 05, 2017

Thank You ❤️

I just had to tell you how great your service is. I was delighted to receive my order within the week 😊 This was my third purchase and I have yet to be anything but delighted with each of them. These throws might be my favourite gift to give, as I love to see the expressions on the lucky recipient. Today we are celebrating my Mom's 78th birthday and I am excited to give her this special gift. Thank you so much for the great products and wonderful service.


LOVE the colours!

July 25, 2017

Just got these today!
Once again I LOVE the colours! I'm seeing a pattern in my colour choices. They are lovely!
Many thanks once again! I'm getting addicted to them 😆


July 24, 2017

Thank-you for a great and inspiring blog.  I have just read the just do it for hosting piece and the motivation to read and learn more is exciting.

Just beautiful!

July 13, 2017

The throw did arrive today and it is just beautiful!

I am thrilled with my purchase. Thank you for taking the time to care. Truly.

- Karen

Thank you so much, Karen! We do care, and so glad that you are pleased.


July 08, 2017

A belated thank you for sending my new quilt so promptly — it is perfect in our living room!

Thank you for sharing with us, Lyn! It looks gorgeous with your decor!

Can't wait to find the next one

July 05, 2017


Just opened up my small box and pulled out a beautiful blanket! "Break" to start my summer break. 😊

It surprisingly goes very well with my bonus room colours! Much more than anticipated. 

Thanks so much! 

Can't wait to find the next one that calls for me ! 😉

- Lisa 


June 27, 2017


A friend of mine found [the previously missing] box with throws.

They are beautiful!!!

I will be ordering more!

Thank you,


I LOVE my king size indigo quilt!!!

June 22, 2017

It fits perfectly and looks beautiful.  I also purchased a queen size one that I will be giving to my boyfriend for Christmas.  I am very pleased with all the quilts and throws that I have purchased by Dignify.

Looking forward to shopping again soon!

- Debi

Yesss! That's great news, Debi. I'm so glad you are loving your indigo quilt!!

Just received my throw and it's beautiful!! 😍

June 21, 2017

- Michele

Yay! Thanks for sharing this, Michele; the colors are perfect!!

So Good She Told Us Twice

June 03, 2017

I LOVE my indigo quilt I received! Absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to make another purchase!


I got my indigo quilt earlier this week. I LOVE IT! Thank you! It is definitely a treasured piece. I love all the new throws you all came out with... definitely need another blanket for another room in the house soon!

- Thanks, Brittney!! What fabulous feedback! We love our indigo bedding, too. Enjoy!

Hello! The throw arrived last week! It is beautiful!

June 03, 2017

- Carol Z

Everybody's Favorites

June 02, 2017

I love the mini I chose, it’s perfect for my little niece. We have two other blankets, and they are in constant movement around our house, they are everyone’s favourites

- Margot

Yay! Love hearing about our kantha throws in use, being enjoyed. Thanks, Margot!

Amazing Custom Blankets!

May 24, 2017

It's taken me way too long to thank you for the amazing custom [twin] blankets. We love them! I promise I'll get a picture to you soon. I really appreciate all of the support that you and Laura provided.

You have created such an amazing company and we are so blessed to have a house filled with your blankets!

- Katie

Yay!! So glad that your home is full of kantha goodness. Thanks for sharing with us, Katie!

Very Pretty!

May 24, 2017

Hi Shelley, Just wanted to let you know I received the blanket and it's great as always! Very pretty! Thanks very much and I look forward to doing business with you again! Sincerely, Carla

- Thank you so much, Carla!! Always so encouraging to hear great feedback. 

Fantastic Bridesmaids Gifts

May 19, 2017


"I first saw dignify on Pinterest and have kept coming back to it in my thoughts.  I am getting married in September and wanted to give meaningful gifts to my bridesmaids who have given so much of their time, effort, and MONEY on celebrating me!  (And what a silly thing to celebrate- a wedding- not the biggest accomplishment in my eyes! ;) )

Anyway, I love the idea behind the product and I have to say I am SO impressed with what I have been reading since joining the mailing list.  I love that your company wants to talk about sustainable gifts and spending money on quality products and not having that dreaded buyer's remorse!  I even love the way the emails/blogs are written- very easy to read and you can hear the passion behind every word.

I'm so impressed and cannot wait to receive these blankets- I know my bridesmaids are going to adore them!"


The wedding was perfect and my bridesmaids *LOVED* the blankets.  My sister even showed me she was using hers last night when we were face timing!  All in all a fantastic gift for some truly fantastic ladies.  Thanks again for everything that you do!  Your work inspires me!"

- Thank you SO much, Becky, for your kindest words and support of dignify! Even better, the pleasure of your gals loving their kantha throws. Yay!!

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