So Vibrant

February 21, 2018

I love the kantha mini blanket I purchased on-line. The colour and pattern combination are so vibrant. The woman who made the blanket designed it so well!

- Tammy

Helping Other Women

February 21, 2018

My 13 yo daughter's birthday!  I purchase each of my (now 2 teens, 1 to go!) daughters a kantha blanket when they turn 13.  It is important to me that they understand that they are becoming women, and they have a responsibility to help other girls and women in the world, that may be marginalized or oppressed. I also want them to keep the blankets forever, and hope that long after I am gone, they will be able to recall the lessons I tried to teach them.  As a solo working mom, I am often so, so busy, so I try to grab every chance I can  to imbue our lives with meaning.   And, this is one of those ways!

I love our kantha blankets! They are soft, colourful and, everytime we wrap up in them, we feel the love.  Thank you dignify for helping fill our home with meaningful and special items.  We will keep our blankets forever.  We have been fans since you started, and it has been wonderful watching you grow and change.

- Leeann

So Soft and Snuggly

February 21, 2018

I love both blankets I received.  So soft and snuggly.  There was an "off" odor in both but after washing with mild detergent and a few "deodorizing balls" (from downey), and letting them air dry, there were just fine.

- Becky

My Favorite Blanket

February 20, 2018

Its my favorite blanket, I love the Dignify story for many reasons (the beautiful stories of redemption). I love sharing about the blanket and your site with friends. I know one of my friends (with more spare cash than me) addicted to buying your blankets! :-) I have "Kantha Blanket" on all my wish lists (i.e. Christmas, Birthday), but I'm in a house full of 5 boys who don't get/understand just how special these blankets are (yet).

- Rebecca

It's beautiful and we love it!

February 20, 2018

We use it as a throw on our living room couch.

- Kristie

Each Item is Unique

February 20, 2018

I love the fact that each item is unique and made by hand; even the colors of the stitching are unpredictable and a reminder of the woman making the quilt.

- Sarah

Perfect for Cuddling

February 20, 2018

I love the weight and softness of the material.  It is perfect for cuddling up under and reading a book or watching a movie.  I have not used the baby swaddle yet -but know if will be great too.

- Laura

Love the Message

February 20, 2018

The colors and patterns are beautiful and I love the message behind the blankets as well!

- Megan

Love the Colors

February 16, 2018

I love the colors!!! It's a great addition for our couch, and we use it all the time while watching TV.

Perfect Size

February 14, 2018

I love my kantha throw, it's the perfect size for a lap blanket or to wrap around my shoulders on chilly days.  The colours and stitching are beautiful.

- Kelly

Ordering Another

February 13, 2018

I am in LOVE with these mini Kantha blankets!!!  The colors, patterns, and soft textures are to die for!!!  About to order another one:)

- Valerie

Special Piece

February 12, 2018

I purchased this as a baby gift for my sister’s new baby girl. What a special piece!
The colors are beautiful and the craftsmanship is impeccable. I’m sure this will not be my only Dignify purchase!

- Kristen

Superpower Blankets

February 12, 2018

My indigo kantha blanket just arrived and it is beautiful, and soft and comforting. But it is so much more,.. because it comes from a place of strength, made by women with the determination to survive and overcome in the face of adversity. They stitched these blankets as a means to escape their situations and find a better life.

So, my blanket has superpowers. I will hold it and wrap myself in it and feel it’s strength, feel their strength. If the women who stitch these blankets can overcome all they have had to, I, too, can certainly survive whatever lies ahead.

Thank you Dignify, for all you do. And thank you Basha and Nurjahan.

- Sam

Ordering More in the Future

February 12, 2018

I really love that the blankets are made of repurposed sari cloth and by women who are at risk.  The blanket that I ordered arrived quickly. It is a beautiful and soft lightweight blanket that is the perfect length for covering up.  I am sure that I will be ordering more blankets in the future.

- Amy

Hug in a Blanket

February 11, 2018

Love it! It is beautiful and unique: I really liked picking it out on-line (gift card) so I could choose one that’s right for me! The size is perfect for snuggling on the couch with my kiddos. My dear friend bought this for me for Christmas. We live far apart and she said that this is the closest she can get to sending me a hug, considering all of the thought and care that is represented in these blankets. And it’s true! Each time I use it, I think of her and of the woman on the other side of the world who made it. We truly are all connected...thankful for this company and the dignity that it allows so many to experience.

- Gina

Artwork for Wall

February 11, 2018

This is my second purchase. The colors were gorgeous and just as described.  bought this red and silver silk blanket for my mother's bed, but she wants to put it up on the wall as artwork instead. Her present, her choice, but I love the one I have on my bed.

- Sheri


February 11, 2018

I bought two kantha throws: one for my sister, one for myself (my second one, might I add). When I received them, and saw how beautiful they were, it took all my will power not to keep both.

When I gifted my sister her blanket, she was delighted, loving its bright colours and softness. When I shared where the blanket was made, she eagerly went online to learn more about the woman who stitched hers. Needless to say, we are both obsessed.

- Emily

It is so meaningful to be able to find out more about the women's stories!

Washes Beautifully

February 11, 2018

I have had my kantha blanket for about 2 1/2 years and still love it.  I use it on the bottom side of my couch.  I love the look, the colours, the feel and all the work your wonderful ladies have put into it. And washes beautifully.  I appreciate every inch of it.  Someday I will treat myself to another one.  Thank you so very much for these amazing creations and always enjoy your blog and the effort of your life.

- Deb

So Meaningful

February 10, 2018

I have purchased about 5 blankets now and absolutely love them. Most of them I have given away as gifts.  I love that I can purchase a gift that is supporting something so meaningful and goes far beyond the blanket itself.

- Kelly

Gifts with a Purpose

February 10, 2018

Absolutely the most amazing and special gift to give or receive. We love our kanthas so much and the purpose they serve. If we had more disposal income, i would buy them for gifts for everyone I know.

- Elsbeth


It is Beautiful

February 10, 2018

My sister's husband of 50 years passed away and I thought to send flowers, but saw bright flower design and sent throw direct to Her. Her comment "It is beautiful!".

What an incredibly thoughtful and long lasting gift!

Great on Airplane

February 10, 2018

My daughter, who is 22 and a college student in Missouri - where weather changes like the wind - also loves my Kantha's.  I found one in her school colors, of primarily red and black, so gifted it to her.  She LOVES it.  She even carried it with her home on the airplane over Christmas!

- Debbie

Love them on the airplane! Perfect weight!

Looking at them makes me happy

February 10, 2018

I have all three sizes of Kantha's.  I love fabric, color and texture, so I always look to see if there is something I can't live without.  The most recent one I purchased is different from so many others I see.  I love the patterns and the colors.  I live in the Bay Area of California, where the days begin cool, and then warm up.  The weight of the Kantha is perfect for me.  I'm never sad to see them puddled up wherever they might land, as looking at them makes me happy.

My oldest daughter is matchy matchy - so she purchased an all natural blanket in muslin color.  She is dissapointed that it is stiffer and not as soft as mine are.  I've told her, she really needs the dye and the age of the traditional saris to get that texture and weight.  Hopefully she'll age out of her matchy state, and realize the gift that the reworked Kantha's bring.  You and your team do a terrific job!  They always arrive promptly.  I've never had any issues.

- Debbie

I feel so good about supporting this work!

February 10, 2018

- Melissa

Helping a Women Far Away

February 09, 2018

The love the blankets because they are so beautiful & soft but. Love even more the concept behind them. I feel (hope) I'm helping a woman far away. It's a small gesture on my part.

- Laurie

Pieces of Art

February 09, 2018

They are beautiful, they are life affirming,they are art pieces and pieces of lives, they comfort, they calm, they give to the earth, to the maker and the receiver and the gifter. They make a difference, an impact; impart joy and fulfillment. They are love! Thank you!

- Sue

Soft and Well Made

February 09, 2018

I've purchased four kantha blankets so far.  Two are small sized.  I love them all! The photos online are accurate.  The blankets are soft and well made.  The colors are perfect.  I feel good that my purchases help other women.  I've shared the website with friends.  Keep up the great work.   Thanks

- Dee


February 09, 2018

I love my throw. It's one of my most favourite things that I own.

- Maria

So Happy

February 09, 2018

My sister was so happy when she received it and it was a beautiful moment.

- Catherine

I will definitely be back

February 09, 2018

Love the idea of how these quilts are made and wanted to see the product myself so I ordered one.  Super happy with the quilt I received. Plenty of photos to see what you are getting but it doesn’t convey  how buttery soft the fabric is.  Be sure to closely inspect the photos to see the patching so you are content with what you order.  I am so pleased with the product and the good of supporting this type of project that I have told many friends about the site and am just waiting for an excuse to buy one of the small ones for a baby gift.  They are lovely and I highly recommend.  My 6 foot 3 husband is always stealing mine to cover up on the couch.  Beautiful colours and interesting patterns.  I will definitely be back.  Thank you!

- Debbie

Great Gift

February 08, 2018

It's always special to receive one of these beautiful blankets.. so why not send it as a gift for a baby!!??

- Myra

We agree!

Baby Present

February 08, 2018

Beautiful colors, nice weight, great craftsmanship. I would definitely buy another from Dignify again. (Plus I love the cause.)

- Katie

Shopping With a Conscience

February 08, 2018

I recently purchased an Indigo Throw and when it arrived it was even more beautiful than I had expected. I love to support this amazing company! I also purchased a tree skirt and got so many compliments on it this year! Of course, shortly after I put it out my boys managed to smash an ball filled with glitter and water off the tree. It washed up perfectly!

- Kim

Happy to hear it washed up well - a key with kids in the house!

Perfect blanket for chilly nights

February 08, 2018

I particularly love my Indigo Kantha bedspread. It's the perfect extra blanket on these chilly winter nights!

Unique, soft and great story

February 08, 2018

I love them all (I have...several). I love their uniqueness, their softness, and especially their story. It is so wonderful to know that these items, which bring me joy and a smile when I see and use them, are also the means by which women are empowered.

- Tina

Great impact!

February 08, 2018

I love knowing that my gift also contributed to the livelihoods of women across the globe!

- Dani

Even my dog has her own kantha!

February 08, 2018

I love all of my Kantha items!!  I have them in two homes and have gifted a number of quilts to others as well.  I love layering them for special looks.  I must admit, that one of our dogs has her own special Kantha quilt.  Service from "Dignify" is always wonderful, and I think it is so important to purchase from companies that give back, like "Dignify."  Thanks!

- Suzi

Thanks for sharing, Suzi. And dogs are part of the family too, so their own kantha just makes sense! 

Fuzzy feelings with the blanket

February 08, 2018

I love the softness of my cotton kantha blanket! It’s like the comfy familiarity of old t-shirts. The blanket imparts more fuzzy feelings knowing it was handmade by a woman building a better life. The color combinations of the different fabrics make me happy, too.

- Schenley

Each one is a treasure

February 08, 2018

Love these blankets! I have a bit of an addiction and now have 4 plus have given 3 as gifts.They are wonderful and the story behind them makes each one a treasure. Thank you for supporting women!

- Tracey

How things are made is important to me

February 08, 2018

People always love receiving a kantha mini for their new baby. We love giving something unique and useful and beautiful; the recipients appreciate those things as well. And how things are made (and by whom, and for what kinds of wages) is becoming increasingly important to me. I love that these blankets are the product of meaningful, fairly-paid work for women who need it.

- Cheryl

Beautiful, durable and comfortable

February 08, 2018

The kantha throw is beautiful, durable, and comfortable. I had given it as a gift, and my friend LOVES it! She leaves it on her bed and bundled up with it each night. It’s more than just stylish!

- Nathan

Always a good excuse for a kantha

February 08, 2018

I absolutely adore our kanthas—yes, plural! I bought one a couple years ago for myself and got a friend a throw for a going away party for a coworker to let her know we’re with her and whenever she misses us, she can wrap herself in it and feel our love, no matter where she is. Then, this year, during the anniversary sale, I bought four—two for new babies, one for me, and one for our gift closet—to give to someone at some point. There’s always a good excuse for a kantha. My father is in his last chapter of his life and the wrap has been such a comfort through this hard time.

- Michelle

Love it all

February 08, 2018

I love everything about my kantha blanket: its story, its quality and its beauty!

- Penny

Blankets that mean more

February 08, 2018

I'm in love with my nine (yikes!) throws. I rotate them in the house, and store them rolled up in a basket in the living room. Each one represents triumph for the woman who stitched it, which makes them even more beautiful to me.

- Peggy

Love it, Peggy! Love the connection from the blanket to the beautiful artisans who made them!

Worthy Work

February 08, 2018

I like the juxtaposition of different patterns and prints! I love the colorfulness , they make me happy to gift to someone and they see it for what it is, ART! Most of all I like that it is, in whatever degree,  helping women at a time of life where they need to trust there is help! God bless you for that and all it entails. Their work is worthy!

- Sue

Thanks, Sue! They are unique pieces of art made by women who matter!


February 08, 2018

I have now purchased 3 standard sized and 1 large kantha quilt, plus 2 table runners.

I'm thrilled with all of them!

- Loren

Beautiful Quality

February 08, 2018

Beautiful quality, lovely colours, highly recommend!

- Judy

Thanks, Judy!


February 08, 2018

The kantha I fell in love with was already sold by the time I got around to ordering so I chose another that is lovely though not my first choice.  That will teach me not to procrastinate!

- Jenny

Happens to the best of us, but bet you won't let it happen again! :)