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Absolutely Love

I absolutely love the story behind each kantha blanket: hardship finding hope and purpose in creating something new.

There are just so many symbols in each blanket. The little patches as a picture of where our weak places can be made stronger. The blend of cast-off saris creating a gorgeous new creation. The stories of the craftswomen themselves and all they have endured.

I discovered the work of Basha Boutique many years ago and purchased through another seller as a gift for loved ones in times of sadness and adversity as a way to send a hug and message of hope for a beautiful future. The seller I used to shop from closed their doors awhile back but directed clients to Dignify.

I have many friends currently walking through tough times right now and I have been walking through a tough year myself. My mom got me a kantha of my very own to comfort me in the difficult days post-chemo. Likewise I have enjoyed sending these to friends who are struggling in one way or another now as well. I have been blown away by the gorgeous selection of kantha blankets on your website. I'm partial to the silk blend myself as they just look sooo special.

Your shipping is FAST, and the little wrapping and packing details and cards give me confidence in saving money by having you ship right to my intended recipient. I've been able to track each delivery through the USPS so that right before it arrives, I can email or text my friend with a quick explanation of the gift they are about to open. Thank you for being part of this story of resilience and hope for so many.


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