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Helping Other Women

My 13 yo daughter's birthday!  I purchase each of my (now 2 teens, 1 to go!) daughters a kantha blanket when they turn 13.  It is important to me that they understand that they are becoming women, and they have a responsibility to help other girls and women in the world, that may be marginalized or oppressed. I also want them to keep the blankets forever, and hope that long after I am gone, they will be able to recall the lessons I tried to teach them.  As a solo working mom, I am often so, so busy, so I try to grab every chance I can  to imbue our lives with meaning.   And, this is one of those ways!

I love our kantha blankets! They are soft, colourful and, everytime we wrap up in them, we feel the love.  Thank you dignify for helping fill our home with meaningful and special items.  We will keep our blankets forever.  We have been fans since you started, and it has been wonderful watching you grow and change.

- Leeann

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