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How Many is "Too Many"? ;)

Hi Shelley,
I just received my two blankets.  I LOVE them!  lol . . . how many is "too many" ?  haha
I am attracted to fabric - and these are perfect for the Xmas season with such great reds and greens.  I can put these away and bring them out to enjoy over that 3 month holiday period.  
I don't gift these blankets - except one to my daughter when she was in college. She is back home now before launching into her next phase, so I get to enjoy her's again also. I've found different ones from my collection in her room, lately. :)   I use them daily, as I always feel cold between my upper shoulder blades, and I work at a computer too much.  Needless to say, you are the only one who really understands how many I have.  haha. 
They are a treat to myself always. Hopefully you "feel" the large push of gratitude I exude to you and all the hands who have touched these lovelies to create them as well as the woman who loving wore the sari's in the first place each time that I place an another order.
HOPEFULLY you have clients who have purchased MORE than me. :)
— Debbie
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