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Thoughtful Purchases

I wanted to send my thanks for the throws I received from you (today). I could not be more happy with them. The size is wonderful, the weight of the throw is perfect and, as a quilter, I have a huge appreciation for the amount of work that went into each one.
Please thank the wonderful women who put so much effort into these and let them know that our family will treasure them. I have really started thinking about the impact that we can have in the world by making thoughtful decisions and purchasing choices. I have taken a few photos that I welcome you sharing if there is anyone who wants to see how truly special these are.
I am so glad that I stumbled across your site. I will recommend it to friends, family and colleagues. Thanks again!
- Pia
Thank you for your thoughtful words and for sharing your beautiful photos! The blankets you picked are gorgeous and happy your thoughtful purchasing decisions will be a treasure to your family!

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