Kantha Mini Blankets - Now at dignify.ca!

Kantha Mini Blankets - Now at dignify.ca!

April 05, 2014

One challenge of an online store is conveying online the texture & feel of our kantha blankets.

Unlike a new, starchy cloth, our sari cloth is worn in to a soft, supple, coziness, which is only augmented by the fact that there are 6 layers of it!

We have been asked about smaller versions of our signature throw, and now they are here! Just like the larger blankets, they have been hand-stitched in Bangladesh who were previously engaged in (or at risk of) formal or floating sex work. They are stitched using the traditional kantha stitch in approximately 12 hours of labour, in a safe environment full of love & dignity. 

Browse our collection of kantha minis; perfect for a gift or a little friend. 

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