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Spoil Dad with a Fabulous Fathers Day Gift - An Ethical Leather Bag at 10% Off

May 29, 2014

We love these leather, vintage-style schoolbag/briefcases from India! Not only do these bags fill my warehouse with amazing leather smells, I have to keep them tucked away in their dust-bags so that I don't just stare at them all day. Or collect them in my favourite colours. 

The brilliance in the design of these bags is the access. There are three points of access, which allow them to look old school and classic, while functioning for the speed of today's lifestyle. #1 is the classic buckle. #2: on the top end of the buckle strap is a pop-off connection. #3 is the zipper on the back of the bag; it doesn't open to an extra pocket, it zips open to the main compartment of the bag, allowing you to easily pull papers, laptop, wallet, etc. in & out. 


As for the look, it is all a matter of your style. But, if you like the purity of leather (simple & unadorned), and a vintage look that will only get more worn & loved over time, then this is the bag for you!

A 2-year old, well-loved Dirty Harry bag!


Until Father's Day, all Dirty Harry Bags (large enough for a 15" laptop) and Little Frankie Bags (smaller version, sized for an iPad & letter-sized paper) are 10% off(use checkout code: DIGNIFYDAD14). Spoil the best Dad in world with the perfect bag for him.


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