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New for Fall: The Larch Collection of Kantha Throws

This summer, our family did not venture far from home for exotic, faraway holidays. With three little ones in tow (particularly one crawly baby), it sounded, well, like a hassle! Plus, summer is the only time in Alberta when it isn't winter (except when it is), so why not stay to enjoy it?!  

What we did was rediscover the breathtaking beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Hiking, exploring, and, of course, ice cream-ing on the weekends was a highlight of our weeks. To finish off the fabulous summer of hiking, we tackled what turned out to be the Mt. Everest of our preschoolers' lives - a 500m ascent over 3km to "Larch Valley". I am no woman of the woods, so I had never before heard of these larch trees: deciduous needle trees which turn a golden yellow before losing their needles altogether in the early fall. 

The beauty of the sight was thoroughly stunning and altogether inspiring! Like the intricacy of the beauty in creation, so I am also amazed by the craftsmanship of our kantha blankets. New throws are available now! 

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