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October 03, 2014

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Stories & Friends & Favourite Mugs
Aka: What's a Matching Cup & Saucer?

It seems to me that among the women I know, gone are the days of matching cup & saucer sets; it is all about the random mugs.

Even my friend, who filled her registry many years ago with a perfect set of matching cups & saucers, adamant that she would only use them, has been completely converted. This is a lace JustPotters mug that we used to sell (but is no longer produced), which has become her all-time favourite:

“I LOVE my mug SO MUCH. When I sit down with my mug, full of coffee (well, on the days when I have the chance to sit down), it just makes me so happy! I love it!!!”

I suspect that the reason is at least in part the same as why people love their kantha blankets so much: the convergence of an item loved for its merit in quality — design, size, shape, coffee-holding-ability, etc. — along with the satisfied confidence of a purchase that was good for those involved — fair, helpful, & impactful (in a positive way). In other words, the satisfaction of money well spent.

But, hey, that’s not the only reason to love a mug.

Mugs are a great way to carry stories. Maybe it’s an heirloom, or a gift. A memento from a holiday or a celebration of a life’s milestone. One of my favourite mugs is my teacher friend’s: a mug she received from her adult, English-learning student with her face emblazoned on it! Guaranteed laugh from me every. time.

Here are my mugs.

A lot of them are from Starbucks, and guess what: I’m ok with it!

Because I remember buying them in Whistler & NYC on fabulous vacations. I love that the Turkey one reminds me of my friends who live there & gave it to me. I get nostalgic about the one I used in my office every day for 2+ years before my (permanent) maternity leave. And it makes me smile, still, to think of my husband making a pilgrimage in Seattle to the mothership Starbucks in Pike Place to buy the brown one, only to drop it in the airport and later convince a co-worker to pick up a replacement.

As I constantly review the buildup of "stuff" in my house (and assess purchases that might add to it), I try to come back to value. What holds value to me? What do I enjoy & appreciate? Does it sync with my story, the story I want to live? 

I'll just sit with a coffee in my favourite mug and think about it.


What is the story of your favourite mug?

PS - New Rustic Mugs!


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