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The "Rest" Collection of Kantha: What's in a Name?

Last weekend, dignify launched the “Rest Collection” of kantha blankets along with our anniversary celebration. But, I didn’t expound upon the meaning behind the name. “Rest”, as in, is the rest of the blankets I had? Ha ha… no.

The story of this name (isn’t there always a story? ;) isn’t a narrative, but it is an often-lived tale: the one of busyness. In our culture, busy is the banner over much of life, and never is it more so than at this time of year. The holiday season is the busiest time for busy people, but isn't the season supposed to be about peace?

For me, running a business while also being a full time parent to young children was never going to be “restful” in a classical sense of the word. But is there not a deep, peaceful satisfaction of good work done well? Does fullness have to mean chaos? How, this upcoming holiday season, can I – amidst the busyness – live nonetheless in a sense of rest?

One key foundation for me, personally, as I began dignify, was a concept out of Biblical history. There is an exchange detailed between Yahweh and the people of Israel that goes something like this:

The people say, “God, we are fasting & resting on the Sabbath like you told us. Aren’t you pleased?” And his response is, “Yes, you are fasting, but while you fast, your workers are being exploited! Yes, you are resting, but at the end of the day you finish it with quarrelling & fistfights! You’re not quite getting it.”

He goes on to detail the kind of “day” he’s after: to break the chains of injustice, get rid of exploitation in the workplace, free the oppressed, cancel debts. To share food with the hungry, invite the homeless poor into your homes, put clothes on the shivering ill-clad, be available to your own families.

“Do this,” he says, “and the lights will turn on, and your lives will turn around at once.”

As I have prepared over the past few weeks (and continue to scurry & pack orders & email & do parent teacher interviews, etc.), I often look to the names of the throws and cling to them.

Tranquility! Still! Restore! Serenity!

These things may not be defining the activity of my everyday, but the posture is there. There is a peace to taking care of people, to doing what I can, to filling my days in part with “the good” – in my small way.

My hope is that during this busy season, you, too, can find rest in your good work; even if that work is as simple as passing kindness to a service worker or sharing cans with the food bank.

Next post: Practical ways to find rest amidst the holiday chaos (Idea #1: Avoid Black Friday!). Stay tuned…

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