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Meaningful Gifts - "Wrapped in Love" by a Kantha Throw

A few times this past year, I heard the term, “Wrapped in Love,” with regards to our repurposed sari blankets. I've loved SO MUCH hearing from people who have given or received kantha blankets, especially when the gift is really meaningful to them; so, I'll be sharing their stories now & then. 

The first instance was a gift from an addiction sponsee to her sponsor.

“I am writing to tell you how elated I am that a dear friend just messaged me this week asking me to pick out a throw as she wants to "wrap me in love" for Christmas.


She had scanned through the blanket images and both she and her daughter gravitated to the colours of one in particular. Then, the name of the throw sealed the deal: Serenity.

But, regardless of the name of the throw, the message of a sobriety gift like this is the same: You are not alone. Other women have rebuilt and re-started. There is hope for redemption and renewal.

The origins of kantha (meaning, “patched cloth”) were in turning rags into something new: something functional, useful, & beautiful. And what is sobriety but patching up the old and reworking it into a new creation?

In further correspondence, this gift recipient shared that she herself was a survivor of abuse and sexual exploitation as a child.

"I am well aware of the lifelong effects such experiences have on people. I see the work that you do as such a gift. Not only are you helping these women know they matter improve their quality of life, but you are also raising awareness of such a much-needed and so under-discussed problem!!!"

Thank you, T, for sharing your story & for the idea of a kantha throw as a meaningful sobriety gift. I'm glad that you are wrapped in love & serenity!

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