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Women of Dignity: Minu

This Sunday (March 8th) is International Women’s Day, so it seemed a fitting time to launch our new profile series: Women of Dignity.

I’m thrilled for the number of women who are currently in the spotlight for their accomplishments and leadership roles (Ariana Huffington, Sheryl Sandberg, Emma Watson, to name a very few). As women, they have a perspective unique from men; as women of power, they have great ability to influence, lead, direct, & embolden others for good. For this, I am very thankful.

But, I also know that beyond the limelight are millions of women around the world, living quiet and unknown lives, nonetheless filled with dignity and value. Moms, Teachers, Business Owners, Seamstresses, Artists, Daughters.

Each woman (& man!) in this world is a precious creature, valued not by our popularity, our visibility, what we produce, or even our roles. We have value, simply because we are.

Today, I introduce you to one such woman.

Woman of dignity: Minu

Location: Mirpur, Bangladesh

 Basha dignify jewelry artisan

I am Minu. I have two sons. I used to beg in the street. Life in the street is very dangerous. My sons are growing up and I do not want that their life will be same as mine has been.

It is hard to run a family on a single income but I am trying my best. I am happy that although my husband is not helping me, I am earning my own living.

Now I have honourable work. I do not need to ask for things from other people. I hope my sons will be educated and have a better life.

As a young mother I am struggling with my two children but I believe one day they will wipe out my tears. I am looking forward for a better future.


Nominate a woman you know as a woman of dignity here.

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