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Businesses with Dignity: Summer Edition

One byproduct of my work – an occupational hazard, if you will – is that in all of the research, reading, learning, & connecting I do about how to do business, I come across SO MANY super cool businesses.

Some are social enterprises, like mine (that is, a business for profit that also has goals that extend beyond profit maximization). Some are businesses that have prioritized production that is fully transparent or made in North America.

Some are products that fulfill a gap in the market that is SO evident… now that they’ve pointed it out.

In any case, I'm always on the lookout for organizations that deserve my money. Here are some summer-y ones I have come across lately:

Shoes & Sandals: Sseko ∙ OlibertéThe Root Collective

Swimsuits: Bather Trunk Co. ∙ Rey Swimwear ∙ Zena Custom Swimwear ∙ Riz Boardshorts

Sunglasses: Warby Parker  ∙ Solo ∙ Westward Leaning ∙ Bôhten

In my last post, I linked to an innovative mattress company, Casper. Since then, I also discovered Endy, who have impressed me even more! An even more affordable mattress ($650-$850), they give a malaria net to Nothing But Nets with each delivery and they donate returned mattresses (within the 100-day trial) to local charities.

I’m also smitten with State Bags: a backpack shop that donates a backpack loaded with school supplies to an American child in need for every one they sell. I love what they do and the product, and I have a school newbie this fall... I just need to decide whether I am willing & able to bear the price tag. The reality for me right now is, probably not.

Any shops or businesses, or products on your radar? Comment below to share, or join our shared Pinterest board Businesses with Dignity

Happy (good) Shopping!


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