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When spending *A LOT* of money is a great thing

I’ve written a lot about spending money, about not shopping, about spending well… but, today I have a confession:

I spent A LOT of money this week. I mean, like a massive amount.

On blankets!

Earlier this week, I paid the bill on the first of many upcoming shipments of blankets this fall. These shipments will include our upcoming white kantha bedding, more spreads, more minis, custom king & queen blankets, some (as yet unannounced) gift box items, and a lot of kantha throws.

I must admit, my first reaction was a bit gutted – knowing that this fall’s investment will be a financial dip (which, from our experience & projections, we hope will be temporary and exceeded by holiday sales). What can I say? I guess when you try to train your brain not to spend money, it’s a bit of cognitive dissonance when you do.

Then I shook my head. This wasn’t gutting, this was cause for CELEBRATION!

I just sent money to women who need it!  Women who otherwise were homeless or selling their bodies or at the whims of a conscience-less trafficker or brothel madam. Young women who were headed in that direction because it’s where their mom is and it’s how they grew up. Let’s send them money, indeed. Let’s send them more money!

And just to be clear: this is not my money. It’s your money.

Every kantha quilt, every piece of ethical jewellery, every baby rattle; it is no exaggeration that each purchase makes a difference. You, together, are providing dignified work, a reliable paycheck, a safe home, a caring workplace, and opportunity for new women to discover this possibility.

This weekend, we (my family & I) will celebrate. And we will toast you, our dignify people. You’re generous, you’re thoughtful, and, well, you have good taste. ;)

Cheers to you!


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