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Participate in Our First Reader's Survey!

We are very hesitant in our culture to talk about money & how we spend it. Personally, I like talking about it! So many people, both in my neighbourhood and on the opposite side of the globe, have been crippled by money considerations, and often we’re sweatin’ it out alone because we feel embarrassed to ask other people what they do & how they do it.
When we go shopping, we’re impacted by all of these personal issues, plus all the psychology of resourceful corporations who know how to push our buttons. What a mess!

I’ve loved writing the Shop Good blog to start discussions about some of these ideas & issues. But, the blog is not about me & what I want; otherwise I could simply write a personal journal! I want to know about what you like, what you want to read, and how I can best serve the community with the most relevant, helpful, topics & discussions.

I hear from many of you in email replies, blog comments, or on social media, but most of you I have never heard from!

Whether you are in the first camp or the second, I am asking if you would please participate in our first reader survey! 

  • Your answers are 100% anonymous and are NOT associated with your name whatsoever. I will be using the information I gather here to determine the direction of the Shop Good blog and how it will best serve the community.
  • I will also share many of the results in future blog posts, but as stated, nothing will at all be attributed to any individual, as I will not know this anonymous information.
  • The survey takes 5-15 minutes (depending on how long you consider the questions).
  • If you complete the survey, you can enter your name to win our first ever white kantha throw (in either blue or red stitching; pictured below). The winner will be chosen at random from the names entered at a separate location after submitting the survey (duplicate entries excluded).
  • Entries close for the giveaway on Monday (Sept. 21), so do it today and be done with it!


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