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New "Yellow + Bloom Collection" of Kantha Blankets

Today we’ve added 60+ new kantha blankets to our collection of vintage sari quilts!

Now, obviously, they are not all yellow. But, in August I went to the Yellow Conference, which was fantastic & fun & motivating & inspirational. Then, I started photographing these blankets last week and there seemed to be an abundance of rich, yellow tones. Add to that the gorgeous fall colours around me and I felt like Winnie the Pooh, happily swimming in a sea of golden honey.

Photo by my new, talented friend: Caca Santoro

I’m often asked about the blanket names (where they come from), so just to clarify: they are 100% made up! We just come up with names and assign them to blankets because we like to. There is character to having a name; it only adds to the richness of the throw, I think. I’m not sure if it is sustainable forever, but for now, it’s fun.

This collection’s names were inspired by things yellow (Lemon & Canary & Buttercup) and things Yellow: (Conscious for Johanna’s Conscious Closets, See for Jeremy’s See University, Worthy for Eryn’s battle cry, Waterfall for the delightful founder with the killer name, LTD for living the dream, etc.)

[If you’re looking for inspiration to “spread goodness & bloom”, the conference’s speaker talks are available for download here.]

May you be inspired by the beauty of these quality crafted kantha blankets & whatever else crosses your path today!



LA Flower Market From the LA Flower Market, down the road from the conference.





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