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Our New Modern White Quilt Collection is Now Available! + Even More Excitement!

October 31, 2015

I am SO excited today to introduce our new White Collection!

Beginning today, you can find our new line of natural kantha in bedding sizes (king, queen, twin) as well as our standard throw size and pillows, too.

We've been working on this idea for a while: to add something to the store that will be consistent, that will appeal to a different sense of style, and that will speak to the demand for larger, bedding sizes.



And because we were SO stoked about the white throws, we've created a special edition gift box for the period-of-time-that-shall-not-yet-be-named, but is coming up in a little while...

If you need to plan for a small office team gift, this is a great value for excellent quality products with rich, meaningful stories.

Check out our gift box:

dignify's Whiteout Ethical Gift Box >


And, because everything is coming up dignify, we've added some new kantha throws, too!

Launching something new is a big deal, and I'm trying to celebrate the big (and small) deals in life these days. What better way than to add nearly 50 more kantha throws to the mix?! 

You've made our October 5x busier than last October, so buckle in, because I anticipate a few more of these blanket launches in the next couple of months...






Have a great weekend!

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