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One-Day Anniversary Sale: Thank You for 3 Years!!

November 14, 2015

Today is our 3rd Anniversary Sale! Everything in the store is 10% off: a celebration, indeed!

With very few exceptions (like, when I make a big mistake), this is the only time that the kantha blankets are ever discounted in the year. Browse around for new throws, minis, & spreads, new holiday kantha throws, ornaments, stockings, and more. Check off your list with gifts that give back!

Use code CELEBRATEfor USA orders or CANADACELEBRATE for Canadian orders.



Three years ago, I started dignify as a creative lark. Something to use my skills as a marketing professional (who had left my job behind with babies), to bring an excellent product to the marketplace, and to just, well, give it a go!

Don't get me wrong, I've read books and worked hard and taken good advice... the growth of this business was no accident. But, when I bought a kantha blanket to give as a symbol to my widowed friend, and then when I bought more to sell to the rest of my friends (thank you, btw!), I didn't have the foresight to dream that three years later, we would behere.

Nearly two thousand blankets (I've lost count), years worth of dignified employment for women who need it, as well as a transformation of my own family's life: reflecting on it today swells me with pride, gratitude, and excitement for more to come.

It may sound like a cliché, butthis is only because of you!

I want to hoard the blanketsas much as the next person, but there isno way I could have purchased all of those blankets on my own!! Through the three years, I have been delighted & amazed by the generosity, kindness, positivity, and appreciation I have experienced from those I have encountered through this little project.

We have now shipped to 42 US States, 9 Canadian Provinces, and have become Basha's largest kantha distributor. What a celebration, indeed! THANK YOU!!!

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