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September 16, 2013

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The Crisp Collection - Kantha Blankets for Autumn & Forever

Introducing... a collection of kantha blankets to meet the upcoming chill: The Crisp Collection.

I am loathe to say farewell to summer, but there is a freshness to the autumn which I adore. Personally, it reminds me of learning to run, of the swelling of my belly with my first baby, of the hopeful fresh start of a new school year, and of the season of preparation to snuggle in for winter. Particularly since learning to run some years ago in a fall running club, I've appreciated the look & unique freshness of the air that comes in autumn. Thus, the inspiration for this collection comes from the feel I have when I go out between mid-September and November: Crisp.

As we round the corner of our first year of business, I am excited to think on all of the growth & impact that dignify has experienced. Since I was first designing a logo & learning about imports one year ago, I have learned so much, "met" many new colleagues & friends, and, through our dignify sales, made a not-altogether-insignificant impact on the employment of women & families around the world in dignified work.

But, I'll get to the celebration in due time. For now... The Crisp Collection of Kantha Blankets.





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