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A Little Trick to Save Yourself Some Emotional Energy (and $)

Now is a great time to spend 5-10 minutes unsubscribing to email lists you belong to.

Promotional emails are distracting, and form a lot of noise in these next couple of months (yes, I know — my weekly Keep Up email contributes, too!).

Do a scan of the regular emails you receive & ask: can I stop receiving this? Will I miss anything that I will actually suffer for not receiving? Is the content providing value to me, or is it just noise?

For me, I will stay subscribed to lists for products that I already know I might purchase this year; that way, I can know of discounts or special promotions they might offer (WP StandardArtifact Uprising, Color Cord). Also, to updates that I receive with content that is encouraging or valuable. But, I am bidding adieu to the lists that over-email, or that I simply no longer need (buh bye SmashClub, A Color Story, Quartz Obsession).

I'm trying hard to go into the holiday season with a mindset of "uncluttered". For one, to not overconsume. And for two, to give my brain more space to be creative! To produce instead consume. To give more than receive.


A simple email clean-up is a fantastic place to start!

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