How To Get Your One-of-A-Kind Kantha Throw (Before Anyone Else!)

October 10, 2020 3 min read


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Colleen sent in this message:

Hi, love the items and have purchased several.

Question: last week I had put a classic throw in my cart and then shopped for another and placed in my cart as well and when I went to complete the purchase, they were marked as sold and unavailable.

How does this work? Was extremely disappointed!

I completely understand — what a disappointment!

One-Of-A-Kind is a Glory & a Challenge

Herein is the glory AND the challenge of having unique, one-of-a-kind (OOAK) items... There is the fun of the hunt & the joy of finding a blanket you love, knowing that it is only yours in the entire world! But, if you miss one that you adore — that's it, it's gone.

For better or worse, this is the model that we have & we're sticking with it!

How to Snag That Kantha Throw

1. Act Fast

I've written a lot about shopping slow, considering what you really want, taking your time, and not being manipulated by scarcity marketing tactics. In the case of our kantha blankets, it's not a tactic, it's simply a reality: if you really want one of our throws, you have to act fast. 

A blanket on the site is available to anyone until the purchase is complete; being in a cart does not reserve an item or guarantee anything. To imagine this in person — another shopper grabbing something out of your basket and running to the checkout while you’re still browsing — is very offensive! But, online, it is simply the only option.

The latin proverb from Virgil's Aenid says, audentis Fortuna iuvat (“Fortune favors the bold”)… Well, in online shopping: a completed, successful order favors the one who checks-out swiftly!

2. Be Prepared


  • Know what you're looking for in advance. Are you searching for a specific size, a specific style? Do you have a list of gifts in mind, or a checklist of recipients?

    Some colors are more rare than others; so if, for example, your daughter told you she would like a kantha throw with navy blue or warm, buttery yellows — be prepared to snap it up without checking with her, first.

(a couple of blankets that would have been snapped up quickly)

  • Set up an account in advance. You can save your mailing address so that it is ready to go when you checkout.

  • Have your credit card or PayPal login details ready.

  • Our "Keep Up" weekly, Saturday morning email list is the first to know about new blanket arrivals. Are you on the mailing list? Sign up here

    Most of the time, I announce a new blanket collection on Saturday mornings. Occasionally, we have a mid-week launch, or extra emails around an event like our annual, anniversary one-day sale.

3. Don't Sweat It – There Are More Blankets ;)

The good news is: there are lots of great blankets! 

It’s disappointing to feel like a blanket you loved has slipped through your fingers; but, keep in mind that you are choosing from an available pool — if you hadn’t spotted that one, would you even know what you’re “missing”, or would you choose the best of what is available?

I try to remove the "Sold" blankets at regular intervals, but sometimes it's tricky, as I don't want to interfere much with the site while many people are using it. But, don't be too detracted by the ones that are gone... there are always more blankets!

In the coming months — our busiest time of year — we will be releasing hundreds of new kantha throws, minis, large throws, silk blends, and other kantha items. The most exciting, perfect, new blanket may be yet to come! 

Did I miss anything? Comment below (or email us) if you have any further questions or suggestions!

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Shelley @ dignify
Shelley @ dignify

October 16, 2020

Hi Lauralee -

This is a possibility, however, we still aren’t convinced there is a fair way to go about it. It doesn’t seem right for someone to hold an item, when they perhaps have no intention to purchase; while another customer is ready to buy. It’s one of the challenges we have when there aren’t multiples in inventory!


October 10, 2020

Could your POS purchasing system have a Pending function installed?

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