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Never Enough

We've listened to the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman countless times in my house (or, as my music app tells me: around 30), and the chorus of this song — "Never Enough" — keeps ringing through my head.

The song itself is about love (ie. without you, all the amazing things in the world will never be enough), but as we head into the busiest shopping season of the year, I feel like "Never Enough" is the battle cry of retail marketing.


Oh, you like that shelving unit you purchased to solve some storage problems? 

Never enough. Look at these #shelfies... you want more decor to style it better.


Happy with your wardrobe?

Never enough. 40% off the lowest price! Better performance winter jackets so you can stay cozy in an Arctic dog sled race.


Enjoy the season of fall?

Never enough. Fall isn't fall without pumpkin spice everything, the right boots, going to a harvest festival etc.


Had fun on your vacation?

Never enough. There are so many more places in the world you need to visit to have a fulfilling and beautiful life.


Christmas is coming?

Never enough. More things, more experiences, more memories.


I continue to feel the tension of never enough, and "just a little bit more".

I just want a bit more to feel financially secure. A bit more to feel settled in my home. A bit more to save for kids education/retirement/etc. A bit more to go out for dinner more frequently. A bit more to take care of adult responsibilities like fixing our eavestroughs (🙄#ALLtheeyerolls). A bit more to give away. 


I admitted that the honest truth is that I want more money. But, don't I have enough?

I feel like this will be a life-long tension that will (hopefully) decrease over life, but potentially never be eradicated. 


For this upcoming holiday season, though, I have to — I want to — make the conscious choice, again & again, that it IS enough. The presents I buy, the life I have; if I consciously choose it, it is enough. I don't need more.


But, I do need help & encouragement & community! If you have thoughts on how to keep the "enough" mantra close at hand, comment below or email me at


It’s never enough,not because you allways just want more,but because we want better. You will need less,but better. Just the way you are doing now:more beauty,more love,more to share…because it is better.

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