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The Best, Most Versatile Travel Blanket

July 24, 2018

My family of 5 just returned from a holiday to visit family & explore in London. As I mentioned on Instagram, we brought along several kantha throws.

I am, of course, utterly biased; AND, I know it is a huge privilege to have multiple throws in my own personal stash for hauling around the world. But, I wanted to share some pics and stories about how a kantha throw is the best travel blanket in the world!

(I'm not the only one who thinks so: 1, 2, 3) And, If YOU have had a travel experience with your kantha, share it with my by email, tagging @dignifysj in an instagram photo or commenting below.

My cousin, whom we were visiting, bought this blue & red beauty 😍, so I stashed it into my carry-on, so I could use it on the overnight flight.

Here are two more that we brought on the plane. Our flight was leaving at 9pm and arriving at 10:30am, and the kantha throws are so perfect for coziness and comfort on the plane. I used mine for a blanket, or at another time, folded up as a sort of pillow.

They pack up so well, because you can roll them up for a backpack or tote, or make it more of a flat lay to sneak in one more layer on a carry-on suitcase. I had a few packing regrets (too many books), but bringing 4 kantha throws was not one of them!

We made the slightly sketchy decision to camp while we were visiting Bruges, Belgium. Our son got sick and was not in a sightseeing mood, so he & I stayed at the campsite instead & napped! (and, chased the shade, as the sun was HOT!) 

Like Kathy & Suzanne's experience, our throws were MVPs at the beach! They make for a small-packing beach blanket or sub in for a towel if necessary. And, if you have a particularly sleepy person in your party, you can cover them up with one:

Typical travel experience: you dress for the weather (which, for us, was lovely & hot — yessss) and then, when you change locations to a plane, or in this case, ferry... you freeze from effective air conditioning! This was Wayne on our ferry over the English Channel: napping on the floor all tucked in with his kantha! 😂

Kate mentioned in an instagram comment that she is always afraid to get her blanket dirty. Of course, I advocate taking care of your blanket (and all belongings)! If your throw resides on the couch (especially if it's white), then going in & out of the house is not much of an option: you would have to wash it too much, then it would wear down.

But, in my experience, it is perfect to take on a road trip or vacation, use it a lot, and wash it when you get home. It can stand the wear & tear, and is incredibly versatile & helpful along the way.

If you have any travel kantha stories or pics, I would love to hear & see them!

— Shelley

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