dignify Brand Rep Details

So, you want to be a dignify Brand Representative. Fun!

If you are chosen to act as a dignify Brand Representative, here are the terms & expectations:



dignify Brand Rep Terms & Expectations

Term length: 6 months (October 2018 - March 2019)

Active Months 1-3 (Oct, Nov, Dec):

dignify will:

  • Provide you with 1 free item each month (3 kantha products total), delivered to your address. 
  • Communicate regularly about relevant marketing messages, promotional events, etc. 

Brand rep will:

  • Commit to posting a permanent Instagram image (ie. not removed during the term) to your feed an average of 1/week (~10-12x) + Stories throughout the term.
  • Tag each post with @dignifysj and #mydignify 
  • Share marketing messages about holiday throws*, dignify's anniversary sale*, new collections, and other events as applicable (*=required; others more flexible)
  • Allow for reposting by @dignifysj and use of your photos on our website & other potential promotional materials

Months 4-6 (Jan, Feb, Mar):

dignify will:

  • Provide a friends & family discount for you to use & offer to your followers. Extra bonus gifts/products may be provided based on sales that result from your unique discount code.
  • Communicate about relevant promotional events, etc. 

Brand rep will:

  • Continue to post at your own desired frequency, tagging posts with @dignifysj and #mydignify
  • Allow for reposting by @dignifysj and use of your photos on our website & other potential promotional materials



To Enter:


To enter the brand rep search:

  • Share a photo on Instagram & tag #mydignify18
  • Tell me the perfect spot for a dignify blanket in your house in your Instagram Stories and tag @dignifysj
  • Follow dignify on IG


Open to anyone in USA & Canada with an Instagram account! If your account is not public, it needs to be viewable by me. Considerations for the brand rep(s) will be based on: quality of photos, location, size of account, and demographics of your followers.

This doesn’t mean I’m looking for one kind of account, so don’t exclude yourself if you think your audience is too small or too... whatever you think might be a barrier. Give it a go, 'cause you never know!

The search is on Sept 24 - Sept 30 & I will notify reps on Oct 1.