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No More Buyer's Remorse

Our 30-page, FREE guidebook takes you through 5 strategies that will transform your shopping & empower you to see beyond marketing tactics to decide what is truly best for your own needs & desires.

Topics Include:

  • A (False) Sense of Urgency
    Feeling compelled by the ticking clock
  • Fear of Missing Out
    I don’t want to waste money by missing the deal
  • The Power of Commercial Spaces
    What’s that in the window?!
  • Death to the $20 Purchase
    When money disappears from your wallet
  • On Provenance
    Where did this thing come from?
No More Buyer's Remorse Guidebook

You will finish with a renewed confidence to go forward with more pride in your purchasing, more enjoyment of the goods you own, and the enduring satisfaction of money well spent.

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