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Fruit Rattle Toys (4 Styles)

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  • Our Fruit Rattle Toys are squishy and adorable. An early education in "5 a day"... ;) A sweet baby shower gift or add-on to a kantha mini.
  • Pebble began out of a love of the people of Bangladesh and a desire to create employment that fit with the rhythm of village life. By providing women with flexible working opportunities which are close to their homes, there is less need for economic migration to the cities. Learn more about Pebble...
  • The rattle toys are made entirely by hand with 100% cotton & 100% polyester fill. As such, there can be slight variations in size, colour and design in line with the unique nature of this product. The sizes range around 4-5" x 2-3". (10-15cm x 5-7cm).
  • Each fruit is also available individually. See all of our rattle toys.

Shipping for all orders under $60 within USA or Canada: $6

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