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The Best Travel Blanket

This throw blanket has travelled the world!

The perfect weight to carry on an airplane, to use on the beach, or for multi-uses on road trips. Check out these customer photos & comments on their dignify cotton throw blankets as a perfect travel companion.


"My daughter, who is 22 and a college student in Missouri - where weather changes like the wind - also loves my Kantha's.  I found one in her school colors, of primarily red and black, so gifted it to her.  She LOVES it.  She even carried it with her home on the airplane over Christmas!"

- Debbie

Can you take a blanket on a plane? In short: yes!

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Features of a Great Travel Blanket


A great travel blanket should be comfortable to use, especially for extended periods. Our cotton throws, made from repurposed sari muslin, are super-soft and cozy. They feel comforting to the touch and offer a piece of home, wherever you go.


If you want a blanket for the purpose of travelling, it obviously needs to be easy to carry and pack! Dignify kantha throws are lightweight, easy to fold or roll up, and can be used as a blanket, folded as a pillow, toted to the beach, or for an impromptu picnic. It fits easily along with other carry-on items in a backpack or purse, or you can carry it like a coat through security (yes, true story!)


What’s the point of a blanket, if it doesn’t keep you warm?! Our classic cotton throws are long enough to cover your shoulders and feet, or to wrap around your body like a shawl. While lightweight, the six layers of muslin cotton give a good warmth-to-weight ratio without being bulky. It’s also great to have on hand in an Airbnb with bedding that might be too cool (or too hot!) for your liking.

Piece of Home

Travelling is a gift and an adventure, one of the joys of life! But, sometimes we do miss the creature comforts of home. Customers love bringing their throws — a little piece of home — on vacation. We’ve even heard of teens bringing their blankets to summer camp! 

Easy to Clean

After all of your escapades together, your travel blanket needs to be easy to clean. Our cotton throws are 100% machine washable. If you’re on the road with limited laundry facilities, spot cleaning & hang drying are perfect solutions, too.


Packing space is limited, and the items that make the cut on your list have to work extra duties, right? Use our long & lean travel blankets as a picnic blanket, a makeshift pillow, a shawl, shade for a napping babe, or even a towel at the beach (they’ve got 6 layers of cotton absorbency).

An ideal travel blanket is one that provides comfort, warmth, and portability without sacrificing durability and versatility. We have 10 years of experience with thousands of customers, and we’ve heard them: dignify cotton throw blankets make the perfect travel blanket!

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