Decorative Kantha Throw Pillow, Made with Dignity

Our throw pillow covers are made with the highest standards of quality, both in their hand-stitched, excellent construction, and in the care & dignity paid to the artisans who make them. Each pillow is unique, made from a limited run of repurposed, vintage, sari cloth. Most are one-of-a-kind; if you love one, pick it up before it lands in someone else’s home!

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How to Style with Throw Pillows

If you want to update a neutral living room with some color & texture, decorative pillows are an easy & flexible fix!

Start with your fave kantha pillow; is it a larger, bold print, or fairly neutral? If it is fairly bold, add a cushion in a more neutral texture (like fur or shag), plus a solid color that features in the sari print. If you are more adventurous: mix up small, medium, & large prints; or, a geometric print with a large scale pattern and a smaller, contrasting one (we have kantha pillows in both!).

A couch or bed will allow for many accent pillows – lots of opportunity for color & pattern! A smaller sofa may get crowded out, but keep in mind that 3 & other odd numbers are attractive to the eye.

What is Kantha?

Kantha (meaning: “patched cloth”) refers to both the tradition of producing these unique, quilted items (the act of making something useful and beautiful out of discarded items), as well as the craft & stitch itself (a small, straight running stitch in Bengali embroidery). dignify is proud to provide the BEST of kantha with our kantha blankets & decorative throw pillow covers, made with a kantha stitch.

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