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"I absolutely love everything about these blankets. From the mission to the soft, subtle texture of the cloth... Simply fantastic."

Thousands of people have been captivated by the meaningful story & exceptional quality of our one-of-a-kind, handcrafted "kantha" quilts.

Find out what makes our colorful blankets "A Triumph." >>

About Our Blankets

dignify kantha blankets are made from layers of repurposed sari cloth, quilted together by hand.

Machine washable, eco-happy, artful, & unique... handcrafted goods to feel good about.

Redemption, stitch by stitch

The women who make our blankets are survivors of exploitation in Bangladesh. There are many risks for women & girls, but... there is hope!

After working through a training program with one of several NGO partners. our artisans are hired by dignity's partner, Basha, where the work of healing, care, & healthy employment can continue.

In Bangla, 'basha' means house.
'Asha' means hope. Through dignified work, Basha is building a house of hope in Bangladesh. Women gain job skills and the opportunity to develop into leaders in a healthy, healing environment.

Over 11 years of dignify, we have seen this beautiful portrait of kinship in the giving & receiving of tens of thousands of blankets.

Women in Bangladesh have so much to give! Their smiles, their stories, their craftsman­ship, their resilient joy.

And, they receive. Receive love, receive a salary, receive a second chance, receive kindness, receive acceptance, receive health care and parenting support.

Women here give, too. They give a comforting word. They give support, encour­agement, dollars, attention.

They, too, receive. Receive a gift message with the words "wrap yourself in love". Receive beauty. Receive awe.

Our first ever blanket was a gift to a widowed friend as she prepared to remarry. From hardship, adversity, & pain to recovery, redemption, & a beginning of hope ... we neighbors share so much.

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