Kantha (meaning: “patched cloth”) refers to both the tradition of producing these unique, quilted blankets (making something useful and beautiful out of discarded items), as well as the craft and stitch itself (a small, straight running stitch in Bengali embroidery). 

Read more about kantha (and see a video of the kantha blankets being made in Bangladesh) at this dedicated kantha page.

The cotton saris are washed before making the blankets, then the finished blanket is washed (without scent) directly before shipping from Bangladesh. The finished silk blend throws are dry cleaned prior to shipping. If there is any remaining scent, simply throw it in the wash (cold, gentle, tumble on low) or hang it out to air (or dry clean for silk blends). 

At home, the cotton quilts will not warp or change with washing, nor the heat of a dryer. Gentle and limited washing are recommended to extend the life of the blanket from wear.

For silk blend throws, dry cleaning is recommended.

All of the kantha blankets are made from reclaimed saris, so the sizing is determined by the size of the original sari: 

— Classic kantha throws are made from half the size of a sari: approx. 3.3ft x 6.6ft (1m x 2m). They are narrower and longer than many typical throws. 

— Large kantha throws are made from one full sari on each side: approx. 6.6 ft x 6.6 ft (2m x 2m). They are square sized, and slightly smaller than a full/double bedding size (but could be used as such). 

— Kantha mini blankets (minis) are half the length of a throw, a quarter of the size of a large throw. They are square sized, approx. 3.3ft x 3.3ft (1m x 1m).

— Bedding sizes are available in indigo and simplicity styles, or by custom order.

Alternate/unique sizes can also be accommodated through our custom order process.

Feel & Weight:

We have been told that the kantha quilts are a perfect, versatile warmth: not too heavy in the summer, great to wrap around your body, fold on your lap (for double thickness & more warmth), or cover from shoulders to toes. They are perfect for travel, as they pack fairly small and are lightweight, but warm and cozy on an airplane or a long road-trip. 

Because the cotton sari cloth is repurposed, the kantha quilts are very, very soft. Imagine a lightweight, muslin fabric, scarf, or swaddle cloth: our blankets are six layers of that soft, thin cloth stitched together. 

Our simplicity collection have a heavier weight & thickness than the standard kantha: about 1.6x as heavy. 


We try our best to photograph the blankets for accuracy & attractiveness. Colors vary by monitor and screen, so we wouldn’t recommend buying to match a very specific shade (though you’re welcome to send us a paint chip to test in person!) 

Most people find that the colors are even more vibrant and beautiful when they receive them. The proportion of blankets we have had returned or exchanged because of color disappointment is around 0.002%.

Shipping, Returns, etc.

Shipping within the USA & Canada is $6 for orders totalling less than $70, $10 for orders greater than $70. For example, one mini kantha blanket or table runner will be $6 to ship; one or multiple kantha throw(s) will cost $10 for shipping.

We ship from Montana (American orders) and Alberta (Canadian orders). No extra duty or customs payments are applicable in either country.

Timing: We ship one to three times per week (dependent on volume) via Priority USPS, Canada Post, and FedEx Ground. Most packages will be delivered within a week of ordering. 

All prices & checkout are in $USD.

We have shipped around the world and haven't lost a package yet! Some have been very slow, though!!

Whether you are able to immediately check-out (with shipping to an international destination) is entirely dependent on whether we have previously shipped to that location. Try it out and see what options are offered. If you are unable to process the order, contact us for a shipping quote. 

If you are in Europe: 

Please be aware that this purchase may be considered as an import in your country. For instance, European deliveries are all subject to VAT and, potentially, customs clearance (an additional expense to your postal service).

These amounts are not included in the price you pay to dignify and you will have to pay them to the postal company, or directly to the customs if you clear the goods at customs yourself. Unfortunately, I don't have accurate details and cannot assuredly predict those exact costs. Please consult your local tax and postal regulations.

Similar import costs may apply to other international destinations.

Disappointed with your blanket? That's unusual! ;) 

You can return an item anytime within three months of receiving it. But, you must contact us first about your request to return ( We will refund everything but the original shipping, and you are responsible for returning the item domestically to MT (in USA) or AB (in Canada). 

In the case of an exchange, you are responsible for the shipping back to us of your original item. If you are in doubt or have additional questions on any item, feel free to contact us.


Yes, definitely.

Each blanket includes a postcard-sized card that tells both the story of the blanket (context in Bangladesh, how they are made, etc.) as well as washing instructions.

One of these is tucked inside every blanket, within the wrapping (even if you have ordered multiple blankets). We may include another little card about dignify within your parcel, but rest assured that each specific item will have a card with the details about it, for your gift recipient to read & keep.

Yes! We are happy to handwrite a note to include in your parcel, if you are delivering straight to your gift recipient.

Just write your gift message in the box marked "Order Notes or Gift Message" on your Cart page (or mini cart in the upper right); this is before the Checkout page (where you enter your address etc.)

No problem!

We do not include any invoice/receipt/packing slip of any kind in our packages within the USA or Canada.

No, not exactly. We wrap our standard throws in brown paper tissue & twine; minis are also wrapped in twine: nice enough to send directly to any gift recipient.

Large throws and bedding are a bit more unwieldy and are trickier to wrap!

If you would like to include a message or greeting, though, we are happy to oblige! Just write your gift message in the box marked "Order Notes or Gift Message" on your Cart page before checkout; we'd be happy to include it.

Do we sell gift cards? Yes! Find gift cards in various denominations here >.

When you order a gift card, it is you (the purchaser) who will receive the digital gift card by email. Then, you can pass it along to your gift recipient with a note of your own. We cannot send gift cards directly to recipients.


We work exclusively on all of our textile products with Basha Boutique, HQ'd in the Mirpur district of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Basha is a generous, safe, kind- & whole-hearted business that employs vulnerable and at-risk women in dignified, sustainable work. 

Read more about Basha here.

There is a reason why dignify uses the term “ethical” rather than “fair trade” when referring to our blankets.

To be certified as fair trade, a business first has to qualify in its own country to the national fair trade network, then further by the international body. The application in Bangladesh was ~80 pages in length; each of these applications also carry a cost. As consumers, this is excellent news, as it means that not just any organization can be certified. But, on the business side, it poses a challenge for businesses like Basha who use all of their money to pay women's wages, and have few spare administrative hours.

At this point, Basha has been accepted into Bangladesh's local entity, Ecota Fair Trade Federation, and is working on their application for the WFTO. This includes attending training sessions and working on the application, all of which require time & money.  

However, Basha has incorporated fair trade principles into their values from the very beginning. You can read here about the 10 fair trade principles and how Basha’s operations support each one.



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