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King Sized & Queen Sized Kantha Now Available for Custom Ordering!

Late last year, I received a lovely email with some compliments & a query:

“I'm wondering about the possibility of a kantha that's king size.  I'm thinking that may not be feasible simply due to having the same fabric be wide enough, but I am interested in if it's possible and the cost. We have two kanthas already and we love them!”

From here, we began hashing out the idea with Basha, trading swatches of fabric over email, and choosing patterns. Meanwhile, more requests rolled in: “Do you ever make king kantha quilts?” “Is the kantha spread large enough for my queen sized bed?” etc.
We are pleased to say that the team in Bangladesh has now produced four king-sized kantha blankets with custom-chosen sari cloth, each to an overwhelmingly fabulous reception!

"Our beautiful Kantha arrived today and it's absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for your patience and working with us. We LOVE it!"

"Oh my! It is BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait to put it on my bed! Just BEAUTIFUL!"

"I got my amazing bed spread today!!! It is SO pretty, and I just love it.  Tell the ladies that it's just what I wanted.  And thank you so much for making it happen!!!"

For more specific process details, visit our custom king sized kantha quilt page. If you have been waiting for the option of a king or queen size kantha quilt for your bed, what a delightful coincidence! ;) 
Fire over an email for prices and to get started.

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