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A Little Biz BTS & Bangladesh Update

A 7-months-long Bangladeshi wage board finally, recently announced the new minimum monthly salary for garment workers in that country. Coming in at half of what workers had asked for, the response has been: protest, locked-out factories, and police open fire.

Basha, our production partner, has always positioned themselves as an alternative not only to sex work (formal or casual), but to other inhumane working conditions, like those of many garment factories. (Remember Rana Plaza?)

Basha has paid artisans at a pay level comparable to someone in management of a garment factory, and commensurate with effort. But, Basha faces the same, stark realities of other employers: wildly increasing cost-of-living and desperate need. They are trying to provide as much work as possible to as many women as possible, paying them fairly and also being sustainable for the long run.

All of dignify's goods come exclusively from Basha. We try to sell our blankets at prices (suggested by Basha) that compel sales, but also value the work & artistry of the products. Nobody is getting rich on kantha! We are all trying to honestly navigate the world at hand, the customer market, and the desire to succeed. We love our kantha! And we want dignify here to sell them for a long, long time.  

In this chaotic world, I hope that you find this little corner of the internet as a bright spot... embracing nuance & complexity, difficulty & redemption, and stepping towards good. :)


Dignify, love what you say and what you do! Supporting Basha artisans, one blanket, at a time. 💕

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