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Colors vs. Neutrals

I have long embraced & advocated for seeking out products with longevity & versatility. Buy once, buy to last, don’t be tricked by trends or fast consumption. This is not an innovative concept and I am far from a trailblazer of minimalism! Blogs, Tiktokers, & courses abound on capsule wardrobes & all manner of conscious shopping.

After a couple of years of operating from this mindset, though, I realized that my stuff was becoming… well… black. So much black. Black pants, black shirts, black shoes, black backpack. I started calling my look “bandit chic”, because I felt like I was dressing for a cat burglary more than everyday working & living.

Yes, my investment pieces were versatile & trend-proof, and black complements my blond hair & particular complexion. But, things were starting to feel a bit dismal. If I had a myself-Barbie, would I want her signature look to be black?


In a post-2020 world, the other thing I have increasingly championed for is: fun! In an era of serious problems, injustice, & sorrow — and a media landscape that means we can know about all of it, but can do only little about it — we desperately need beauty, play, joy, & fun

I find myself lately being drawn to COLOR, all the colors. To brighten up my wardrobe… and my life. To embrace playfulness. To add whimsy and to "give it a go".

The prudent advice says to be conservative about "investment", or "anchor", pieces — that is, the bigger ticket items that form the basis of your style (whether home design, wardrobe, or even things like exterior paint or car color). Pick a neutral for the main stuff, and accent with more bold accessories. (We've given this advice, too!)

But, what about the wild success of Article's green velvet sofa? Or Kitchenaid's rainbow of mixer colors? They make for WOW statement factor, and also bring surprise & joy into the palette. 

There is no answer — one person's all-white joy equals another's patterned pleasure :). A black jacket could be a fave for years, but so could a mustard wool coat. Shrug emoji!

What wins out for you? Are you a color chaser, or a black bandit? Or, even in this particular season of life? Share your thoughts below!

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