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What will it cost me to ship my items?

In Canada & the USA, Shipping Rates are: 

Total Purchase Shipping Rate
$1 - $60 $6
$61+  $10

We ship in Canada by Canada Post and it takes typically 2-7 business days to arrive. We ship in the USA by USPS and it takes typically 3-7 business days to arrive.

Because of our shipping offices in both Canada & USA, you never have to worry about paying import fees or duty!

• Do you ship internationally?

We have shipped to other international destinations and are currently working on the best, economical methods for shipping. 

For UK, EU, & Australian destinations, 2-3 week tracked shipping is available at the following rates:

Total Purchase Shipping Rate
Less than $150 $25
Over $150 $50

For other international destinations, prices vary based on the size of your order & the desired speed of delivery; please contact us for estimated shipping rates.