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Is A Blanket A Good Gift?

When was the last time you received a gift that made you feel understood, appreciated, and loved? Picking a great gift is an art form, and the most talented gift-giving artists take into account the recipient's personality, preferences, practical usability, and the message they want to convey.

Amid ALL the possible presents, one all-star stands out for its timeless charm and utility: a blanket!

There are countless types, sizes, prices, and stories of blankets. Our whole business (15,000+ blankets later) began with the gift of one blanket.

Let's unwrap (ha ha) this question — is a blanket a good gift? — to discover why a well-chosen blanket can be more than just a rectangle of cloth, but an extension of the gift-giver's care, comfort, and connection.

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Adding Unique Touches to Your Blanket Gift
Blanket Care and Maintenance
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Why Gift A Blanket?

One of the most special gifts I've ever given was a kantha throw to my friend, Kathy. Kathy had been widowed when she was pregnant with her third child, a devastating tragedy for her (of course) and for us, as close friends. Several years later, she had met a wonderful man and they were engaged to be married.

I'd heard about kantha blankets — layers of repurposed cloth, stitched into a quilt. Specifically, I heard about one maker in Bangladesh that created kantha throws from sari cloth and the women sewing them were survivors of exploitation. What a beautiful concept and symbol of old made new, of hardship, pain & brokenness made into hope & beauty. I bought a throw blanket to give Kathy as a wedding shower gift and she loved it.

Even in less dramatic circumstances, there's something so special about receiving a blanket as a gift. But, why? Let's explore what makes a blanket an ideal present.

Appeal of blankets as personal and practical gifts

Blankets are an everyday luxury that everyone can appreciate, an intersection of functionality and aesthetics. Its versatility is unmatched; it's a cozy buddy on chilly winter nights, a companion on summer picnics, and a pop of color (or texture) in any room!

Emotional undertones – the comfort and security associated with blankets

Of course we have all moved on from the Linus days of toting our special blanket around for comfort. But, deep down, the comforting sentiment of a blanket — the security of being tucked in or wrapped up — is still there!

We (at dignify) receive so many gift notes that tell the gift recipient, "Wrap yourself in love." The tangible "hug" that a blanket provides is such a tactile way for someone to express their affection & care.

Versatility in uses for all age groups and occasions

Gifts that span the gamut of age and interests are a rarity, and that is the secret charm of a blanket! For a baby, it's a snuggly buddy, a bearer of familiar scents. For a child, maybe a fortress or a cape. For a teen, a personal space marker. For adults, a decor all-star or a snuggle necessity on a lazy Sunday.

Blankets have been used at different times & places as rites of passages, underscoring their transcendent appeal across generations.

The Best Types of Blankets for Gifting

Choosing a Suitable Blanket for Your Gift

Picking a blanket goes beyond just "what color and size"; it's about finding the one that will complement the recipient's lifestyle and needs. Every gift-giver wants one thing above all: for their gift to be used and enjoyed!! Here are some different types of blankets for different personalities and preferences:

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are the multipurpose MVP of blankets. You can use one to literally throw on a couch or chair, to accent the end of your bed, to throw in the car for picnics or sports sidelines, to wrap around yourself while reading, watching TV, or sitting on the patio in the early morning... The uses that we have seen & heard of our classic cotton throw blankets is practically endless! They are a decor staple and the most giftable blanket (with the exception of maybe a baby blanket).

Weighted Blankets – For a Hug-like Experience

Weighted blankets are noted to reduce anxiety and enhance sleep. Some people find they're like a gentle, reassuring hug!

Weighted blankets come in different heaviness, or even a thick blanket can do the trick.

Heated Blankets – For Those Cold Nights

Heated blankets can offer customizable warmth and are welcomed by those living in frosty climates or suffering from achy muscles. Or, just pile up non-electric blankets!

Baby Blankets – The Perfect Baby Shower Present

Soft to touch, safe for skin, and adorably patterned, baby blankets can become a little one's bestie. And literally, what is cuter than a snuggly companion of a toddler. C'mon!

Eco-Friendly Blankets – Gifts for the Environmentally Conscious

Reject fast home fashion and mass manufacturing. Eco-friendly blankets — heirloom quality, recycled, natural fibres, etc. — contribute to sustainable, responsible giving. They're gifts to the recipient and a nod to the health of our planet.

Now that we've talked about the why and the which, let's dive deeper into the art of how — choosing the perfect blanket gift!

How to Choose the Perfect Blanket Gift

When you're trying to look for the right blanket to gift someone, it's less about navigating the endless options and more about knowing the person you're buying for. Think of it as personal detective case where every detail about them helps you to crack the best present choice. It's all about matching the blanket to the person's lifestyle, sensibilities, and the little things that bring them joy!

Factors to Consider in Gift-Giving

Imagine your friend (or loved one)'s daily life. Are they the type to curl up on a sofa with a good book, or do they love to go camping? A soft, snuggly throw might be perfect for the homebody, while something durable and easy to pack could be ideal for the adventurer. You have an opportunity with every gift to show you've been paying attention to what makes them happy :)

Understanding the Recipient's Needs and Preferences

Understanding what your gift recipient will genuinely love and use is key. For busy parents, a blanket that can stand up to frequent washes without pilling might be a winner. For someone environmentally conscious, choose a blanket that reflects their values while keeping them cozy.

Selecting the Right Material for Comfort and Care

The fabric/material choice will determine how it feels against the skin and how well it holds up over time. For someone who loves luxury, a high-quality wool or cashmere blanket can be an indulgence that they wouldn't buy for themselves. If they have allergies or sensitive skin, go for soft, hypoallergenic options. Cheap fabric (most majority-synthetic materials) will not hold up well.

The Significance of Color and Design In Gifting Blankets

Choosing the right color or pattern can be as personal as picking out a piece of artwork. Some people love bright and bold, while others prefer neutral or pastel shades. Consider their home decor, favorite color, or even personality when you're picking out a blanket pattern. 

Size Matters: Selecting the Appropriate Dimensions

Choose a size that caters to the intended use and provides ample coverage. A smaller throw is great for draping over the shoulders using as runner on the end of a bed, while a larger one can wrap a couple comfortably on movie night, or fill in as bedding for an overnight guest! Think about how they'll use it—on their bed, over their favorite armchair, or as a fort for the kids.

Price vs. Quality – Striking the Right Balance

You don't have to spend a fortune to find a great blanket, but you also don't want to skimp on quality. Look for that sweet spot where the cost aligns with the value. A well-made blanket won't wear out quickly and will keep its texture and color, making your gift last much longer.

Perfect Times to Gift a Blanket

Is a blanket a good gift? Absolutely... There are moments throughout the year that practically call for it! Whether it's for a big celebration or just to show you care, a blanket can be the perfect present. Here are some times when it makes sense to wrap up some warmth:

Holidays and Celebrations – Christmas, Mother’s Day, Birthdays

Think back to the best holiday mornings... the cozy, lazy ones with nothing on the agenda except relaxation. Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive a blanket to chill under all Christmas Day?!

For Mothers & Mothers-in-Law, a blanket (like our one-of-a-kind kantha blankets with a meaningful story) can be a gift for "the woman who has everything and needs nothing." 

Housewarming Presents – A Cozy Addition to a New Home or Second Home

Moving into a new place can be exciting, but it can also feel a little impersonal at first. Blankets have a way of making any space feel warm and lived-in quickly.

They are perfect for cookie-cutter dorm rooms, and also make an ideal housewarming gift because they serve both decoration and function. If you have been a guest at someone's second home or vacation home, a "thank you" gift of a blanket is a thoughtful & appreciative gesture.

Weddings and Anniversaries – Symbolizing Warmth and Unity

A wedding or an anniversary celebrates a partnership, and what better way to honor this than with a gift that symbolizes togetherness? Gifting a blanket, perhaps in a size big & cozy enough for two, encourages the happy couple to snuggle up and enjoy their shared life (Netflix & chill for the long game). It's a way to wrap your best wishes around them – literally.

Graduations and Milestones – Wrapping Up Achievements

Graduations, new jobs, promotions—these are huge moments that set the stage for a new chapter in life. A blanket gift says, "You've worked hard, now it's time to relax." 

Comfort & Sympathy Gifts – Supporting Friends or Family Through Tough Times

Sometimes the best gift is one that offers a little bit of solace during difficult times. Whether someone’s ill, grieving, or just going through a rough patch, a blanket can be a comforting, practical gesture of support. It’s like a long, warm hug when they need it most – a physical reminder that they’re not alone. Every one of these occasions is an opportunity to give a gift that says, "I’m here for you," in one way or another.

So really, the answer to "is a blanket a good gift?" is a resounding YES! It's a bit of everyday luxury that combines usefulness, comfort, and the chance to make someone feel loved.

The Dos and Don'ts of Blanket Gifting

Gifting a blanket is like giving a personal piece of comfort; it's pretty straightforward but there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your gift hits the mark. Let's talk about the little details that turn a good gift into a great one.

Presentation Matters – Wrapping and Packaging

The way a gift is the first thing the person sees and sets the tone for what's inside. We've folded tens of thousands of throws at dignify, and we do a fold-and-roll... First, folding the long throw in half, then in thirds, then rolling that up, tucking a card inside, and tying with twine or wrapping in tissue.

The key is to make sure it looks like you've put at least a little effort into it, which really just means avoiding handing it over in the bag you carried it home in. 😂

Consider the Message – When is a Blanket Gift Appropriate?

You might be wondering, "When is a blanket a good gift?" Well, blankets are versatile, so they're suitable for many different occasions. Make sure the style of the blanket fits the event—it might not be the best idea to give your boss a throw adorned with hearts for their retirement... But in general, most blankets are impersonal enough not to cross a line into inappropriate intimacy.

It's hard to go wrong with a thoughtful blanket, whether it's for a close friend who's feeling down or for your niece's high school graduation.

Handling Cultural Sensitivities and Preferences

When it comes to blankets, different cultures have different meanings and customs. In some places, the color of a blanket might carry certain implications— eg. white can represent purity in one culture and mourning in another.

If you’re gifting to someone from a different background, it doesn’t hurt to do a quick check to avoid any faux pas. Also, think about practicalities—someone living in a warm climate might make better use of a thinner, multipurpose throw, not a thick, woolly blanket.

Remember, gifting a blanket is about making someone feel snug and cared for. Be considerate, make it personal, and you're pretty much guaranteed to bring a little bit of warmth into someone's life!


Adding Unique Touches to Your Blanket Gift

A blanket is a standout gift on its own. But, if you want to get really creative, or add some other elements, here are some tweaks you could try.

Pairing a Blanket with Other Items

  • Pairing a blanket with a good book, a mug, & some tea or coffee makes a sweet "The Great Indoors" gift for a reader.
  • A baby blanket & a stuffed animal, or a wooden rattle or classic toy, like Sophie the Giraffe, could be perfect as a thoughtful baby shower present.
  • Gift a picnic pack with fave snacks & a bottle of wine to go with the blanket

Including a Heartfelt Note or Poem

Don't underestimate the meaning for some people of "words of affirmation."  Taking the time to write a handwritten note adds some depth and consideration that we just don't see everyday in our culture of text messages.

You could write about a shared memory, note something you appreciate about their character, or quote a poem or song lyrics. 

Creative Ways to Present the Blanket

Creators gonna create, and gifting a blanket provides an opportunity for those overachievers to get creative.

For a teen headed to college, roll up the blanket and tie it with a ribbon that has the school's colors. For a surprise, lay out a gifted blanket in a decor spot in their home, or wrap it around a teddy bear in a kids' room.

The bottom line is, asking "is a blanket a good gift?" is kind of like asking if a homemade meal is a good way to show love—it's all about the intention behind it. With these personal touches, you can make the practical gift of a blanket feel as special and unique as the person you're giving it to.

Blanket Care for Your Gift

You've chosen the perfect blanket, wrapped it up nicely, and the response to your gift has been great! But, you want to make sure that your gift recipient knows how to keep it looking and feeling great for as long as possible.

Blanket Care Tips to Include With Your Gift

The best blanket is one that lasts through Netflix marathons and sick days alike, emerging from each wash looking fresh. Slipping in a little note with some care tips can help with blanket longevity.
The advice we give with all of our blankets (on a postcard, with the story of its origins) includes:
  • Wash on a gentle cycle with cold water, mild detergent, & avoiding bleach
  • Tumble dry on low heat or hang dry
  • Spot clean as you can and wash conservatively
These little details that make sure your present stays cozy and comforting for years to come.

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