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The Ultimate List of Meaningful Gifts for Moms


#1 Best Gift For Moms: Consideration

The #1 gift that I think all moms want is consideration. To consider her and be considerate of her own desires, pains, weariness, joys.

The life’s work of a Mom is considering others. What does the baby’s cry mean? What snacks does the toddler need? The pink shirt needs to be clean for next Tuesday. Where is everyone playing after school? Does the teen have the coursework they need? Will they be prepared for adulthood? etc. etc. etc.

MOMS CONSIDER EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING (ALL AT ONCE). It is an obligation, a vocation, a calling, a burden, a sweet spot… sometimes all of those things, sometimes one more than another.

There are a few days in the year — Mother’s Day, her birthday… Ok, maybe just two — that provide an opportunity for a Mom to not have to consider everyone else — their needs, their feelings, their preferences. Instead, these are days where Moms can be considered.

This is what we want from our children, and from the ones who are not our children. Consider Mom. What is thoughtful to her? What will care for her needs today? What will lighten the burden of considering others for her today? This is the best gift.


#2 Appreciation

All of that stuff, all of that consideration, and the legwork to make it all happen, goes largely without notice and without acknowledgment.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to intentionally acknowledge and appreciate Mom for who she is and what she does.

There are different ways to show her appreciation, and they may land differently. Knowing her helps, so think back to what has elicited positive responses in the past.

The “Five Love Languages” (Gary Chapman) are also a great ally here. Try to cover at least two to ensure that she feels seen and appreciated. Here is a list of the five, with some inspo/ideas next to each.

Words of Affirmation

Write a card. Propose a toast. Take out an ad in the paper (ha ha, jk, that’s not a thing anymore). Tell her you love her, express gratitude, tell her about her great qualities, share something about her you appreciate from this year, season, week. Say out loud the things — only the edifying things — that you don’t usually articulate.

Acts of Service

Making breakfast may be her cup of tea (or making her cup of tea), but only do it if that’s something she likes. Think of a task, chore, or activity that she might do, and instead do it for her without being asked. Maybe that’s household odds & ends, but as likely as anything, it’s organizing and arranging — plan the meals for the day and where everyone will be. Make the dinner reservation (or make the meal). Pamper her in whatever way eases her load that day.

Physical Touch

Hugs, a cuddle, come grab her arm while you’re on a walk.

Quality Time

That is, zero-conflict, zero-complaining time that is unmanaged by Mom. Could be a specific activity, or could be just the effort to prioritize time together.


Balance the gifts-from-the-heart (preschool-made bracelet) with consideration of what she would actually appreciate. Really think through how a particular gift idea would communicate your appreciation, consideration, and care for her.



#3 Delight

Mothers bear a lot, and the most meaningful gift is simply easing that load (if only for a day or weekend), and acknowledging with gratitude that it is being daily borne.

But, we can also go beyond that to bring delight, whimsy, & joy to our Mom’s life and day.

Sweeping the floor without being asked is great, but how about a customized playlist you’ve made of her favorite tracks?

Brunch that Dad books every year is nice, but how about a playbook of “what to cook for dinner” that has a list of go-tos for ideas? (Even better, an offer to make one once a week for a month… or ongoing.)

A gift of a book is nice, but how about an afternoon where everyone goes out and leaves her in peace with time to read it?

The ideas are endless.

Meeting needs is a gift. Exceeding anything she hoped for is even better!

Naturally, we think that for tangible gifts, it doesn’t get better than our classic kantha throws, which Moms, daughters, and Grandmas alike have loved to receive. Shop them all here > (Silks and Large Throws are also a hit).

What has been meaningful to you to receive as a Mom, or that you have provided to a Mom? Share those, or any further thoughts or additions to my list, below!


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