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Queen & King Size Hand-Dyed Indigo Kantha | Navy Quilt Bedding

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A showpiece of craftship, our indigo bed quilts feature the character and beauty of kantha paired with the subtle, unique, deep blue of natural indigo dye.

  • Handcrafted by women who are survivors of (or vulnerable to) exploitation, now employed in work that brings dignity & livelihood. A redemption story is sewn into every stitch.
  • This blanket was created over two weeks by hand. The consistency & perfection required for this large size means only a few of the most skilled artisans at Basha can stitch these indigo bed quilts.
  • Made of 100% cotton. 
  • The outer layers have been hand dyed using a naturally-derived, plant-based indigo dye. A small amount of chemical is used in the finishing process, to ensure colorfastness.


Queen: 95" x 95" (240 x 240 cm) —Just shy of 8 feet, square

King: 98" x 108" (250 x 275 cm) — 8 feet 2 inches x 9 feet


The inner 4 layers are repurposed sari cloth, and the outer 2 layers are new, printed cotton sari cloth, for additional hardiness & longevity. Quilts are 100% cotton.

The patterns are subtly visible through the indigo dye; patterns vary, as each piece of dyed cloth is unique.

The stitching is in white thread.


Indigo kantha quilts are colorfast & machine washable!

We recommend: wash the blanket alone, cold, & tumble on low (or hang dry, if possible).

Snagging of the threads is a possibility, but unlikely with regular use — just something to be aware of. This may be notable if you have pets hopping on & off the bed.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping is $10 flat rate for all of our full-sized blankets.

Returns are welcomed within 90 days, but shipping costs will be your responsibility. See our FAQ page for more details.

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