A throw blanket is the perfect retirement gift for a woman of character.

Choose a meaningful, practical parting gift for retirement that will "wrap her in love"! 

Our one-of-a-kind kantha throws are made with dignity by vulnerable women in Bangladesh, now employed in a sustainable job in a safe, healthy, & caring work environment. 

If she appreciates excellent quality, dignity for women, and work that matters, a kantha throw blanket is a perfect retirement gift: full of meaning, and enjoyable every day. 

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What makes a good retirement gift?

Retirement is a significant milestone, and absolutely worth celebrating! A party or farewell lunch is ideal for socially celebrating, but a retirement gift can also be a meaningful symbol to enjoy after the party is over. But, how do you know what will make a good retirement gift?

Of course, it depends on who the recipient is, and also your relationship with them. In any case, a good retirement gift idea should be meaningful or useful, or, ideally: both! There are a couple of different routes you can go:

A gift that is useful for a new phase of life:

Retirement means new levels of free time! Give a gift that she can enjoy with her new freedom: something related to a hobby, interest, or her plans for the future.

A good retirement gift for a coworker or a boss can lean to being more impersonal, (depending on your level of relationship, of course… ) but it’s better to give a fantastic, less specific gift than to overstep by assuming an interest that may not be accurate!

The right retirement gift for your mom or a friend could be more personal; you can take more risk. You know if she wants to spend more time in the garden, or travelling, or if she is keen to spend time with her grandkids; you can choose the best retirement gift for her accordingly.

A gift that is meaningful to mark the working time:

The most appropriate retirement gift might be an item that symbolizes the efforts of her working years. This would be the idea behind a plaque, artwork, or a symbol of the profession (eg. a stethoscope for a doctor).

For example, perhaps for someone working with the environment, you might plant a tree, sponsor a park-space, or buy her a vintage series of local nature guidebooks.

Why a dignify Kantha Throw Is a Fantastic Retirement Gift:

A kantha throw blanket is the perfect retirement gift that you didn’t know you were looking for! It is unique, thoughtful, and ticks all the boxes:

  • Useful
    Hundreds of reviews tell us that women use their blankets every day! Wrapped up with a good book, snuggled with a grandbaby, perfect for the plane cabin…
  • Meaningful
    Whether or not your relationship is close & intimate, or simply professional, a kantha blanket communicates to every retiring woman of character that you see she cares. It is particularly appropriate as a retirement gift for a woman in a caring profession or who has worked with vulnerable populations.
  • Unique
    There is a kantha blanket for everyone! Simplicity & indigo throws are more muted, safe choices; or, look for a beautiful pattern in her favorite color from our classic throws.

    This is not another impersonal lotion set, gift card, or coffee subscription; a kantha quilt is an heirloom retirement gift that she will appreciate and use throughout her upcoming years of R&R.
  • A Gift that Gives Twice
    When you give a gift of a dignify kantha throw, you are also giving sustainable, dignified employment to a vulnerable woman in Bangladesh. Each throw is hand-stitched in ~23 hours, by artisans who are thriving in a work environment of healing, health, & care.