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Looking at them makes me happy

I have all three sizes of Kantha's.  I love fabric, color and texture, so I always look to see if there is something I can't live without.  The most recent one I purchased is different from so many others I see.  I love the patterns and the colors.  I live in the Bay Area of California, where the days begin cool, and then warm up.  The weight of the Kantha is perfect for me.  I'm never sad to see them puddled up wherever they might land, as looking at them makes me happy.

My oldest daughter is matchy matchy - so she purchased an all natural blanket in muslin color.  She is dissapointed that it is stiffer and not as soft as mine are.  I've told her, she really needs the dye and the age of the traditional saris to get that texture and weight.  Hopefully she'll age out of her matchy state, and realize the gift that the reworked Kantha's bring.  You and your team do a terrific job!  They always arrive promptly.  I've never had any issues.

- Debbie

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