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Love of Goods, Love of Good.

One thing that has come up again and again is how much customers love their kantha blankets after they’ve bought them. In fact, the love that folks have for their kantha only seems to grow with time, as evidenced by the number of subsequent blankets that they purchase as gifts or for other areas of their homes.

"I love mine so much (it was a gift), I'm picking up two for housewarming gifts tomorrow!"

A key explanation for this delight, I believe, is not just to do with the quality and usefulness of the blankets (excellently sewn & practical though they are…), but with the satisfaction of money well spent.

There is a joy to discovering that the money you spent on a product was worth the value. In this case, there is an even greater joy to know that the purchase quite literally contributed to changing someone’s life for the better. 

I think that part of the love of our kantha blankets is the clear conscience of paying for something you love where the impact of your purchase was 100% good. Not at the expense of anyone’s humanity or dignity, not at the expense of the earth.

With this in mind, I am shifting our dignify blog content away from mere product announcements to a focus on shopping well, shopping with dignity, shopping for good. Together with readers, I’ll explore different areas of our everyday spending and how to bring this clear-conscience purchasing satisfaction (along with dignity, honour, & respect) to more of our shopping.

I do hope you will join me and many others as we explore how to Shop Good!

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