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Clothing Swap with Friends. <br/>Umm, Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Good Clothes + Free Clothes + Get Rid of Your Old Clothes = WIN!

(I know, I know… no math)

Did I mention that a party is involved?

If it doesn't look like this - you're doing it wrong! Photo: Jane Boles

Last spring, a friend invited me on a Friday night to a clothing swap party at her house. Everyone brought clothes that they hadn’t worn or were ready to part with (all in great condition), laid them around the house, and when everything was set up, the host released the hounds. It was all very casual, very fun, and, did I mention…


For one, because of dignify’s Bangladesh connections, I am obviously wary of fast fashion. So, I think that creative options like this are a fantastic way to continue in a lifestyle we like – ie. wearing stylish clothes – while trying to muddle through priorities when it comes to ethics & expenses. The simple truth is: usually, doing the right thing costs more money. Oftentimes, I need a little time to figure out how to arrange my spending to match those feelings of conviction that grab me with the headlines.

Furthermore, some of my favourite clothes have come from that party or from other friends’ exchanges – including a long, hooded cashmere cardigan that actually overcomes the winter, a cute wedding-appropriate dress, and some staple outerwear. Originally, I thought it would be awkward, especially to wear your new clothes around the friend who spurned them. But in reality, everyone is just happy for you to wear & enjoy them!

A final reason is, well, it’s a party! Any excuse, right?

For specific ideas & how-to's for hosting your own swap, google "host a clothing swap" for much advice. (Whether you tend towards Oprah or Martha is up to you...)



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