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Meaningful Gifts for Moms - Art!

My mom has always been fantastic at milestone gifts. A certain age (16, 25...) or a big accomplishment (graduation, 10 year anniversary), and she's imagined some gift that is either perfectly complimentary of the occasion or will be a long-term presence to commemorate the event. 

She has always been mindful that even though the year or the event may pass quickly, an accompanying gift can mark the occasion for much longer. When I graduated from high school, my parents offered to buy me a piece of art. I still have it, hanging in my bedroom, and I still love it. But even more, it inspired in me a love of art and of the value of giving & commemorating with gifts of art. 

Our Meaningful Gift Guide for Moms features a section on art, with resources to purchase great, affordable art online, ideas for something more customized, as well as tips on choosing art for your mom. If you haven't yet read it, download the guide here -- the art guide is on page 4

One of the artists I featured in the gift guide was Elizabeth Mayville, with whom I have a continuing obsession... 

I bought the print above (unframed) with some birthday cash a couple of years ago because I simply loved it. My husband teasingly accused me of gross vanity for buying (and then subsequently framing) a "self-portrait". I insisted for ages that, "No, it is of course not a self-portrait, just fabulous!" Well, considering the number of striped shirts I own, I suppose it was only a matter of time before this ^ happened. While I was photographing blankets in the same room where the portrait hangs, he caught sight of me and snapped this. It is now undeniable! 

But, seriously, these paintings...

If you are looking for a meaningful gift for Mother's Day, check out our gift guide!

Or, for a different kind of art, shop our kantha blankets. As a facebook commenter said,

"Stunning ~ a cozy piece of wearable art."  I agree!


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