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Memorable & Meaningful Wedding Gifts

A few weeks after my husband & I married in early 2005, he received at his office a very large package. When he picked me up that day from work, he told me, “So, we got another wedding gift today, from so-and-so friends in Texas. I bet you can’t guess what it is!”

Always up for a game and a challenge, I began a series of guesses & yes/no questions to find out about this wedding gift. Something for the kitchen. Bigger than a toaster? Wood and metal? Sort of useful? I began to get irritated that he wouldn’t just tell me and that this item eluded my extensive guessing. For his part, my new husband simply didn’t have words that would do it proper justice.

That’s right, a wooden carving board with steel, longhorn handles!

The thing was so oddly shaped and so large that it required a box half my size to accommodate its girth. As soon as I laid eyes on it, I burst out laughing! Not because I didn’t like it, but because it was so outside of anything I could imagine, it didn’t even cross my mind that this – a carving board with metal longhorn handles! – was a guessing possibility.

The woman who sent it was a mentor of sorts to my husband; a bold, energetic, and very generous woman who was also very… Texan! The gift was such a unique and unexpected, but thoroughly appropriate, item, it quickly rose among the top of our favourites & featured in many stories. It has held sliced meat, it’s served pizza, it’s brought breakfast in bed (careful!); it is so totally a part of our family & entertaining, and it makes me laugh with warmth every time!

At dignify, we sell A LOT of our blankets as wedding gifts. There is something appealing about the uniqueness, the beauty, & the meaning behind them that makes for a standout gift. It may not be something they’ve asked for, but... it is a gift that they will certainly appreciate & enjoy.


"My friend LOVED - I'm using the word "love" to describe her reaction - the blanket I gave her for her wedding shower. It filled me with immense amounts of joy to see her delight and the delight of the other women there from this blanket. 

She loved the softness of it, and the softness/texture it would bring to their home, and the story behind it. She loved the artisan's name on it, and she loved that it meant something. And I loved being able to give something of quality that had meaning. It honestly felt like such a privilege."


Any good stories? Can you top my memorable wedding gift?! Comment below!

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