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There is a First Time for Every Photo Shoot...

This past Saturday, my friend Shannon & I tackled something that was, shall we say, a new experience. Don't get me wrong - Shannon is an accomplished and very talented photographer. But, neither she nor I had ever done any kind of product photography, much less attempting to capture the unique detail of over 60 blankets.


It was important to me to capture the detail of each blanket, so that people browsing through the pictures online could really get a feel for the patterns and look of each blanket, and choose the perfect one that they would love.


Who am I kidding - I was just along for the ride... This was the true genius at work!


We also roped in Shannon's friend Roxy as a model. She was all game... until we made her take her coat off on the street in -20°C weather. These are what I call good friends, people. 



At the end of the day, Shannon said (after we complained about how cold we were from our 20 minutes on the street): "I think that you are going to sell a lot of blankets."  I sure hope so! 

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