Black Friday & the 7-Year Dishwasher

November 23, 2012 2 min read

Recently, my sister-in-law was in the market for a new dishwasher. This shocked me, knowing that they had only moved into their new-build home in 2006. Really? A new dishwasher, already? Come on, I thought. And, as it turned out, so did she. But, the thing just wasn’t working effectively after many repairs, so she had finally embarked on a quest for her next, lifelong, dishwasher.
“Which model should I choose to last, because I don’t want to be back here again any time soon,” she asked the appliance salesperson.
His reply?
“Oh, I’d say that a typical lifespan of a dishwasher made this decade is about 7 years.”
Sad, but, apparently, true.
The best advice that I have ever heard about “stuff”, and shopping for it, is this:

Good. Beautiful. True.
A former professor at my husband’s alma mater said that in his family, they had decided to only bring an item into their home if it fit into the parameters of something that is Good, Beautiful, or True.

This has become a very real mantra in my life, my home, and my wallet (I have even heard of others who, having heard this advice, wrote these words directly onto their credit card!). I can’t say that I am 100% effective at implementing it – ask my daughter, who has convincingly begged me to allow in more than a few annoying, cheaply made junk toys, to her great delight – but, it has absolutely informed the way I think about shopping in general, and especially about the things I want to keep in my life & home.
It has also been a key mindset for my business, as I’ve sourced & stocked, and as I’ve purchased everything else needed to effectively operate it.
Today, on Black Friday, I encourage you to steer away from the “7-Year dishwashers” and their ilk, and choose instead stuff that means Goodness, Beauty, & Truth.
Here are some of my top picks:

- Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Store

Olive Manna: textile & paper goods

- Art, from society6poster cabaret, etsy, etc.

- Who am I kidding?

- Don't shop at all; I'm sure that you have lots of great stuff already ;)

(one of my faves, Alberta homeboy Tim Okamura)

- SJ

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