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How Much Do We Want to Earn to Feel Satisfied?

Picture an amount in your head. Got it?

An amazingly insightful book noted that when asked that question, the number that most people hold in their minds is double what they earn now. That’s across the board, from $25K earners to $100K earners an beyond.

Isn’t that interesting? What does that say about us, and what does it say about our cultural perception of satisfaction?

I will readily admit that I am guilty of this, for sure. I am very satisfied with my life & lifestyle, but I do desire more margin in our finances. If it were double, would I be pleased then? Would it seem, at that point, like it was still only half as much as I’d like? Would I come up with more reasons to “need” or desire more?

What do you think? Was the number double for you?


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