I'm Going to Bangladesh!

September 20, 2019 4 min read


7 years after starting dignify... I have booked a trip to travel to Bangladesh for the first time. I am excited & apprehensive, and while I won't be public about dates (it is sometime in the coming 6 months), I want to share some details of the journey (and my process of getting this trip going) with you.

Why not sooner?

Why have I never been to BD, in spite of having 100% of our product supplied from one producer, located in Bangladesh? I have been asked A LOT if I have been to Basha, to meet the women & see the process. I am relieved that finally, my answer can be yes.

Here are some reasons that a trip to our production hub never happened... until now!


When I started dignify, our family was not even 1 year out of a grad school hiatus (ie. no income) and the whole dignify project has been "bootstrapped" from the start. That means: without external investment.

Everything we have invested into dignify — from the website to postcards to shelves in our office and ALL the inventory of blankets — has been paid for as we've gone along, with money that we made from sales. For many years, I just didn't have enough extra cash to make a cross-the-world trip happen. 

Now: Flights are shockingly inexpensive. I'm actually flying to Dhaka, then after my visit there, on to London UK (to visit family) before coming home. The whole journey cost ~$1200USD. For flying around the entire world, I find this astounding. But, it's still a lot of money. We are more established as a business now, and I had the ability to cover these expenses with our revenue as well as pay the basic, necessary bills.


Family Life

When I started dignify, we had a 3-year old and a 2-year old, then less than a year after our launch, added another baby into the mix! We have a lot of family & friend support in our life, but for me to leave for long enough to cross the globe... that would be a lot to ask of Wayne, our kids, and everyone else. I know that there are parents who travel for work all the time, or who are stationed away from their families; for us, it just didn't feel like it would work at this stage.

All of our kids are in full-time school, which takes some of the burden of childcare away, and will allow Wayne to keep working in the daytime. Also, because they are older, they are just more resilient and can manage better without mom around for 2 weeks.


Safety & Suitability

Along with the practical challenges of leaving my young kids at home, we also felt a heightened risk of travel to Bangladesh. In July 2016, when my youngest was 2.5 years old, there was a terrorist attack on a European-style bakery in Dhaka. 29 people were killed, including 20 hostages (18 of whom were foreigners).

I don't govern my life with fear, but it definitely did not seem like the right time to visit. 

Now: We felt that some time had passed, and it was a more appropriate time for me to consider a trip



Modern technology has made it remarkably manageable to have a great working relationship across two countries on opposite sides of the world. Email and video chat have been indispensable.


My Goals for the Trip

  • Meet the faces behind the names on the blankets!
  • Connect with the staff with whom I most communicate (sales & management staff)
  • See the work processes firsthand
  • Be able to visually picture the locations & offices that I visit
  • Experience Bangladesh — a culture that is wildly different than mine
  • Try out sari matching
  • Visit (hopefully) at least 2 production centres

Some people from the west with connections to Basha will travel there to help with a specific area or skill — supply chain practices, or therapy training, etc. The truth is: I don't think I am going there to be particularly helpful 😬.

BUT, being there, re-energizing, and injecting reality into my everyday work... this is helpful. Not just for my own pat-on-the-back feels; as the largest reseller of Basha kantha, the best way for dignify to be helpful is to sell blankets! And, right now, after 7 years, it feels like the best way for us to do that is to go deeper and get re-inspired in person. 



My flights are booked, but I am not going to be public about any dates in advance. My trip is prior to the spring. I will save sharing photos, videos, & stories until after I have left Bangladesh to head home. Again, this is just for my own safety & peace of mind.


I'm not entirely sure how I will approach the "journalism" aspect of documenting my trip. I told my cousin, who is a video content producer and he was ALL OVER the story aspect of my trip (I made sure it was clear he was not invited 😂). But, I'm not sure yet how I feel about my use of media on the trip. For sure I will take photos, but I don't want a camera to create a barrier to the connections with artisans. I also wonder if I will become too concerned about getting the "right" kinds of photos/videos to use later.



I will also share more in the coming months, but I would love to hear from you: your questions about Bangladesh, my work, & my trip; your experiences in countries with very visible poverty; or anything else you have to share! Comment below or email me contact@dignify.ca.

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January 21, 2020

I love my kanthas and those who have received one from me,always do too. They are very special.

Please pass on to these women how their work connects all of us. Safe travels and enjoy this journey of faith and discovery.

Kathryn Glowen
Kathryn Glowen

January 18, 2020

You seem to be a savy traveler already what a good representative from people on this side of the world if only we had more. You must have a wonderful family and especially a great husband. You will learn so much to pass on to your children.


December 11, 2019

I think it’s great that you’ll get to meet the women who make these beautiful blankets! I wish you a safe and wonderful trip!


September 21, 2019

Tell the sewers that I LOVE MY BLANKETS! They are the third thing I would grab to remove if my house was burning. (The first and second are husband and dog.)

Wendy Woods
Wendy Woods

September 21, 2019

So glad that you are getting this opportunity to see first hand what’s going on and meet folks! I’ve been wishing you would have this opportunity.

Loren Snyder
Loren Snyder

September 21, 2019

I’ve never met you but your humanity shines through your words and your actions.

You will SEE the people you meet in Bangladesh. And yes there will be poverty, situations and living conditions completely different to what we have here, but you will still see the beauty of the people you meet.

Laura BrownHuesken
Laura BrownHuesken

September 21, 2019

Yay Shelley! That’s Amazing. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip.

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